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Hilarious Cats That Made Internet A Better Place

Cats are the perfect cure for sadness.

Any cat owner can confirm the fact that cats provide the best kind of comfort. This is usually when you are very close to your cat. You didn’t just adopt a pet, you got a new family member. Your cat will become your best friend and your therapist. They are an entire package. Our furry babies can sense when we are upset and they come to our aid right away. I know whenever I’m upset, I only look for my cat so I can cuddle with him and feel better. Even after a long and hard day at work, I instantly feel better once I see my cat.

But you can feel a cat’s energy without living with one too. Cats can cheer anyone up. You’ll see cat memes and funny cat posts on the Internet all the time. These usually bring a smile to people’s faces. So if you were in need of a smile today, scroll down below:

1. He has a heart on his belly!

Via u/Kirkeee

2. Lilith is gorgeous.


Via u/LeparMessia

3. Don’t disturb the boss.


Via u/ivanelsucio

4. I want to boop this nose so bad.


Via u/agni_ka

5. Fierce.


Via cats <3

6. That is the void times two.


Via cats <3

7. Such a cute face.


Via u/commonvanilla

8. Watzke made a new friend.


Via u/dunham1409

9. What a majestic cat.


Via u/erreavecmoi

10. She wants all the attention.


Via cats <3

11. Beauty.

Via cats <3

12. He had a rough day at work.


Via u/ladysavage09

13. “Watcha doin’?”

Via u/redlight1981

Cats just know when you need their help. Whenever I have an anxiety attack, my cat either curls up next to me or starts licking my arm so I would start petting him. He would then start purring and cuddling with me and honestly, it is so soothing. They really have the ability to mentally heal you. Scroll down below for more cattos:

14. They are big cats too.


Via u/jakunai

15. This is so wholesome.

Via u/swhaleycoyote

16. You came to the wrong neighbourhood.


Via @Mmabusneko

17. I want someone to look at me like that too.

Via u/shygirlturnedsassy

18. God needs more ink.


Via u/awu_hades

19. Sneak attack.

Via u/parkstrasse

20. Who can say no to that face?


Via u/traaavos

21. It all makes sense now.

Via Dukakis2020

22. Tiny furball.


Via u/chocolat_ice_cream

23. Enjoying his life to the fullest.

Via u/panda_cookie

24. SO CUTE.


Via u/bbygirls69

25. Fancy dress.

Via cats <3

Did any of these warm up your heart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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