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10+ Hilarious Texts That Will Make You Spit Out Your Drink

We all make mistakes when we text.

it’s not my fault that my nails are too long and get in the way of my texting. And that I always end up making spelling mistakes. However autocorrect is always there to help you out…..right?


Well, not really. Since rather than making things better, it usually makes things much worse. For one, it never allows you to curse and has a mind of its own at times.

And then there are the texts you meant to send to your family but ended up sending it to your boss. All of those and more hilarious texts are what we are going to enjoy today. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Just tell her how to make chicken already.

#2 This is what would happen to me if I used the microphone for texting.


#3 What even is that name?


#4 There is a lot to unpack here.


#5 No he means croissant.


Who would want a corsage anyway? They wilt and die in a matter of days. A croissant, however, is buttery bread paired perfectly with a cup of coffee. I am just saying I’d rather go with the latter.

#6 This Granama really is a silly potato.


#7 Now, I want lightly fried fish fillets.


#8 Nice indeed.


#9 He really wants you to know that he’s bringing chili.


#10 I don’t think the mother realized what she said.


#11 No past is a bad name, Tomorrow will bring happiness.

#12 You usually ask someone to guess when it’s good news.


#13 Any word you replace with a cat just turns it terrifying. Try it.

#14 He’d probably be too tall to get in the house.


#15 This can happen to anyone.

#16 It’s a very secret recipe.


#17 I don’t even want to know.

#18 Even Fiona wouldn’t like this.


#19 Sounds like a good day to me.

#20 When you want to flex on someone.


#21 I think this is the definition of ‘too much information’.

#22 I think she would prefer room service.


#23 I have done this and yes it’s fun.

#24 Eyes can play tricks on you.

#25 To be honest, I thought the same at first as well.

#26 Really? That’s news to me.


#27 You’re not really sorry though are you?


#28 Vibe of a person can be very important.

#29 If I was an ubereats delivery person.


#30 Just look at that innocent smile!

#31 They will come home at least.

#32 No, just no.


Why would anyone want to destroy a Reese’s cup like this? I sure hope this is photoshop and that no one actually made this. However, if someone were to do this, it would probably be the Brits.

#33 She ain’t lying though.

#34 Well….. That escalated fast.

#35 What else was she supposed to do?


#36 I wouldn’t know but brothers ain’t much better either.

#37 I want to know his reaction though.

#38 She should have just said H rather than adding the E.


#39 All I can say is lucky you’re not pregnant.

#40 For the first time in my life, I am without words.

#41 Okay, this is hilarious.


#42 Way to let them know your disappointment.

#43 They shouldn’t have named it a cereal bar then!

#44 But it worked right?


#45 When someone asks me about my diet.

#46 Damn that must hurt.

#47 I didn’t understand a word of that conversation.


#48 Even McDonalds?

#49 I can feel the disappointment radiating off him.

#50 This is so true that it hurts.

So what do you think of these hilarious texts? Have you ever made stupid mistakes when texting someone? If so why not share them with us?


What do you think?

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