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50 Students Who Took Stupidity To Another Level

As a college student, I have seen many, many things I did not think I’d see at this level of academia. Both professors and students alike with questionable personality traits and problems, as well as those who were absolutely unwilling to learn or put any effort into their tasks. They’d procrastinate, lie, cheat, and do everything in their power to somehow get ahead of the curve and it never worked out properly. After all, the professors have seen this tactic many times over.


And because of the sheer number of students and professors out there in the world, there’s little doubt that there’s going to be some serious stupidity. It makes you wonder how these people got their way into college in the first place. Like, in what shape or form were they able to bypass all the requirements and be competent enough to compete at a relatively equal level with everyone else. Just how?

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#1 Round world

Other hits include:

I once had a classmate in Spanish 3 who got there entirely via cheating and the teacher’s pity (even though we were only required to take 1 year of Spanish, he kept struggling through 2 more). One day in Spanish 3, he proudly declared before a 100 question multiple choice quiz that he was going to actually try this time and give it an honest effort. He got 2/100.

#2 Post Graduate Ethics


#3 French Teacher


#4 High school


#5 Library Aide


#6 Economics


I caught a guy (who had always been a jerk to me) cheating off of me on a T/F test once. I marked the opposite of every answer and told the teacher what I had done after I handed it in. I got a 98%. He got a 2%.

That’s for being a douche, dude.

#7 RJ


#8 High school


#9 His own words


#10 University student


#11 Uncle’s house

On a somewhat related note, when i was younger we were doing a thing at the science center with thermosensitive paper and my hands didn’t leave a single mark. Everyone else’s did and this was also in the summer after being indoors for a while. My hands are always cold but that day i learned I literally have no warmth and maybe no circulatory system.

#12 Two years


#13 Tutoring center

#14 Leonard Davin Chi


I remember a science class where we were supposed to blow through a straw into this liquid that we just mixed together. The carbon dioxide in our breath was supposed to make the liquid change color.

The liquid changed color for everyone except me. I think I even started over from scratch once or twice in case the reason it wasn’t working was because I did a step wrong. I tried blowing into the straw quickly, I tried blowing into the straw slowly and gently, everything. I could see my exhaled air bubbling up through the liquid, but it wouldn’t change color no matter what I tried.

I still have no idea what was up with that. I’m pretty sure I don’t exhibit a different form of gas exchange than all other animals, as that would probably disqualify me from being technically human at the very least, but I was really confident I was doing all of the steps in the experiment right. I have no idea where all that CO2 is going if I’m not exhaling it.

#15 Anthropology

#16 Tell the friends


#17 Plagiarism

#18 Criminology


#19 Verbs

#20 Tenth grade


#21 Skipping class

#22 Professors


#23 Psychology

#24 Creative writing

I saw some amazingly bad attempts at plagiarism in my day. These included:

Plagiarizing from an article in a journal the professor edited. This was a grad student.

Plagiarizing from the same source as another student in the same class. First hit on Google is not your friend.

Turning in a sophomore lit survey paper referring to a poet’s use of hendecasyllabics. I have a doctoral degree and I had to look that one up. Googled author’s name + “hendecasyllabics” and there was the paper. Only thing the student contributed was her name.

When caught red-handed, insisting tearfully that she didn’t plagiarize. Her roommate wrote the paper for her, and her roommate was the dirty plagiarist! I was literally speechless for a moment while I grappled with this line of reasoning. Bonus points: this was Ms. Hendecasyllabics.

#25 C-Sections

#26 Substitute teaching

#27 Spain


#28 Ethics

#29 Freshman English


#30 Right here!

#31 English Renaissance

#32 Mercury


I once had a girl in my class ask why meteors always fall in to craters, for context this was journalism degree and we where talking about libel laws.

This girl did not pass.

#33 The whole time

#34 Stereotypes

#35 Below fifty


#36 Midwest

#37 Flatmates

#38 Invigilation


(I was a student in this class) but after an entire chapter of going over the civil war in a history class, our teacher as a joke said “So who won the civil war”. A girl raised her hand and said “the south” and he laughed until he realized she was serious, and she tried to defend it saying “what, we still have slaves right?”

Edit: She was referring to still have mass slavery in the south

#39 Ganking the text

#40 (Not a) smart idea

#41 Dean


#42 Public speaking

#43 International relations

#44 Xeroxed


#45 McDonald’s

#46 Oral exam

#47 Phases of matter


#48 Not a professor

#49 First semester

#50 Corn

What about you? Have you had any run-ins with incredibly stupid people in college?


What do you think?