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40 Hilariously Weird Sentences That There Is No Way Anyone Else Had Ever Said Them Before

Life is full of weird experiences.

Would you agree if I say that our vocabulary is limited? There is only a limited set of words that we can use in a certain situation. Take those famous phrases that have heard all our lives. “With great power comes great responsibility. Piece of cake. Back to square one.” There are thousands of them that we are all familiar with which means we do get unique thoughts but have a limited word bank to elaborate or explain them. What I am trying to convey here is that the world is a very small place and it’s round. So there’s a probability that a sentence that you have used may have already been used. “Shut up!” That’s the first reaction of anyone I tell this to but just think of it for a second. Even a ‘Good Morning proves my theory.


But what about the sentences that don’t get used often. A word bank that is unique. Yeah, that will catch everyone’s attention, Look no further because there is a subreddit that is dedicated to new, different, interesting, and very unique sentences. The thread has got over 841,000  members and was created on July 25th, 2018. Since then the world has been graced with a lot of brand new sentences. And oh, people do get extra points if the sentences are funny. A great incentive for them to participate and for us to read.

So why wait? Scroll down below for a unique and interesting experience.

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1. How often have you heard someone use “Plump as a partridge.” That’s what I thought.

via: benphillip

2. Our next candidate to lead the Natural Disaster and Catastrophe Committee.


via: exhaggerated_imagine

3. A “griefcase.” Fits so perfectly.


via: malonza_muli

4. A very friendly and commendable advice.

How else should they show commitment after work hours? By doing your dishes?


via: 2Apples3

5. All of that is true but never heard someone say “I do not vibe with the soil.” to explain why a plant is not growing.


via: meme_mayezster

6. Hold on a minute…


via: KatieOldham

7. Can’t trust these vapes.


via: doenerzwerg

8. I believe so, sir…


via: ShinigamiDady

9. How else would you get a dog, dumbo!


via: Gooooats

10. Random person! You need to sort out your prioirites.


via: Adm1sty

11. Some hearts were won that day.

via: cloddishThyme983

12. I like the Chonkosaurus.

As long as there is a ‘saurus’ behind it, we are good.



via: genius23sarcasm

13. You only had one job, Google Translate.

via: theredditanator

14. Because in their constitution a divorced person can’t marry again.


via: alicewetterlund

15. Closely related to what?

via: Blackpanther786110

16. All of the above, indeed.


via: orchid_breeder

17. Itch juice…so that’s what it is.

via: notsofancymum

18. You are god damn right!


via: Matelord99

19. My whole life was a lie.


20. A “pterodactyl eating a corncob.”

Who has the time to hear what a pterodactyl sounds like when it is eating a corncob? Oh, I know. Us humans!


via: karenvideoeditor

I am stuck and I need help. Do I applaud the creative phrases or do I just continue to facepalm until my face looks like a palm? I am feeling all sorts of emotions right now and yes, ‘weird’ is totally in there.

I have had an experience with these ‘new sentences’. We all know COVID is around and people have been going crazy about getting vaccinated as soon as possible. But there are also some who believe in the “You will die in 2 years.” rumor and are not getting themselves vaccinated. I asked this one person how will the virus be eradicated then? And he responded, “It’s just dirty air, we will suck it all up with a vacuum cleaner.” I put my head down in disappointment and left.

Anyways, which one of these has been your favorite so far? Just hold onto it because we’ve got a lot more coming. I wish you very good luck and hope you survive. Because I know for a fact that I won’t.

See you on the other side!

21. They do understand elevators very well.

via: ronnui_

22. But what if they just take it in and ate it? I would do that.


via: yoyoha

23. Treason weasels. That’s what I am going to call them from now on.

via: Octo-bird

24. I am Chorizooo!!!

via: kevinowdziej

25. I am not even going to repeat that phrase.

via: MaxQuill

26. The serial killer industry is on the decline.


via: lindsaybauer36

27. But why?


via: EnlightenmentAddict

28. I need a corgi potato.

via: kevinowdziej

29. It was fun while it lasted. My condolences to the family of Mr. Cotton Eyed Joe.


via: SwipingNoSwiper

30. A very important question to ask, in today’s contemporary world, before the conversation begins.

via: praaany

31. An interesting explanation.

via: Capt_of_the_Borealis

32. Natural selection. It can do you wonder sometimes.



33. A reality within a reality.


via: FireHauzard

34. Humans have way too much time on their hands.

via: VA2M

35. Could you not have used simpler words to explain human failure?


via: Daniel_Min

36. I believe so.

via: HurrHurrHurrCheese

37. It is what it is!

via: RyckandMorti

38. I am so confused for so many reasons.


via: MartinniTheJawa

39. Life Hacks 101

via: UnculturedYam

40. I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work…

A bloody snarrot! I am getting very negative thoughts about life right now.

via: s3csh3n8

Oh wow, I am still alive but I may need some medication to stabilize my brain after this. Not going to live, you guys know I am playing along. The sentences used were actually kind of interesting and funny. And the part that matters is that they did explain the situation correctly. Not correctly but perfectly, actually.

I will say it one last time. We humans have way too much time and I am glad things are that way. How else would we be entertained then?

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. You can take a look at the Reddit thread for more unique sentences. Have you ever used a brand new sentence to explain something? Share your ideas in the comments section down below. Stay tuned for some more goodness.


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