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Husband Refuses To Let His Son Take Over The Cat’s Bedroom (That’s Right), Asks Internet If He’s Wrong

In Reddit’s Am I The Asshole thread, people routinely share their funniest and dumbest moments, and this week was no different. We take pleasure in going through those threads and selecting the funniest ones.
If there are animals involved, that’s an added bonus since who doesn’t love animals? That’s why we laughed out loud when reading this topic in particular. A woman, her husband, a child, a cat, and an additional bedroom that isn’t exactly being used well are all major characters in the story. Not at all boring, is it? Evidently, OP merely assumed that her future children would occupy the spare room when she and her husband moved into their current two-bedroom apartment after getting married. It makes sense, doesn’t it?


However, her husband converted the room into the cat’s room. The OP is no longer certain that it is the best use of the available space, even if the cat seemed to like it.
Particularly considering that their infant is already 10 months old. Children normally don’t stay in their parents’ bedrooms for more than a few months, so clearly something is off in this house. That’s why OP decided to talk to her husband about it, and that’s when he made the decision to throw a major fit. He went off and imprisoned himself in the cat’s room, leaving OP holding the bag. She needed to decide what to do next, so she turned to Reddit for some motivation. read the full story down below.

1. Don’t fall for the strat because the story gets messed up later

Well the start of the story is pretty normal, but it gets weird pretty quickly:

2. When you are not expecting it goes getting insane

And it goes borderline insane:
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3. Following are Redditors words on the story

Redditors couldn't believe the husband's actions. Childish or completely insane?
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4. It seems that a lot of people need to see a professional

It seems that a lot of people need to see a professional

5. Generally, cats are pretty perceptive.

5. Generally, cats are pretty perceptive.

6. This could easily become awkward

This could easily become awkward

7. We don’t know if we missed any parts

Maybe there is more to the story...
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8. The exact thought we had

The exact thought we had
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9. The whole thing is so bizarre that we feel uncomfortable just having to comment on it. Some things just need not be said. Can you picture yourself having to convince your partner that children require a separate room but cats don’t?

The whole situation is so weird that we also feel weird because we have to comment on it. Some things simply go without saying. Can you imagine yourself in a situation where you have to explain to your partner that cats don't need separate rooms, but kids do?

This has definitely been a fantastic ride. The issue is so absurd that many of us had a hard time believing it. Do you mean to joke? Are we actually talking about it? Do certain things that are assumed actually need to be explained? Like how your cat doesn’t require a room, but your child does? Kind of makes us curious about how she lives. Can she even yell at the cat or attempt to correct it? How much does her husband value his wife if he prefers the cat to his child? Or is his wife nothing more than the person who assists him in caring for his cat?


What do you think?