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Girl Gets Mad For Not Getting Free Food From Her Roommate, Calls Her A ‘Cow’

Not all roommates get along.

And there is usually a reason for that. Living with someone for a long time can take a toll on you even if you are friends with that person. Especially when it comes to sharing stuff with each other. You are always thinking about whether it is rude if you don’t share your personal stuff with your roommate even though you are the one who bought it in the first place. It is a delicate balance that can be disturbed by the simplest thing.

So it is no surprise that Reddit is filled with roommate horror stories. From roommates getting mad over insignificant things or thinking they own everything that you spend your hard-earned money on, there is nothing out of line for some people. And today we have something similar.

Scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

Source: Reddit

Sorry to hear about the disorder but that makes sense.

But it was her food? She could do whatever she wanted with it.


Eating disorders are a pain to deal with and nobody deserves this.


Anyone would do that in your position.


How is it your fault that she can’t afford it?


She can shove her cheesy burrito bowl up her a**. “You can afford it” is never an acceptable argument. –Complete_Entry

Apology for what? Letting her eat your food?


Most liars do this to get sympathy from people.


I am not really surprised.


Honestly, she doesn’t deserve a second chance in my book.


Now, you might think this story is headed in a ‘better’ direction.


But her behavior changed soon after.

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised by the crocodile tears. No one changes their perspective like that overnight.

Just follow your legal team’s advice and start the eviction proceedings on the basis that it’s clear the living situation is not working out and give her the required notice period required in your jurisdiction. It may need to be printed and taped to her door with a photograph with date/time and send an email to follow up.

Af least you’re working from home so you can be there to ensure she doesn’t harm your cat or destroy the place.

She should be aware that if she does try to destroy things, she could be sued for damages and have her wages garnished. I hope she’s smart enough to realize that it will not end well for her if she continues to act out.

This was all on her. She brought mutual friends into this. She lied. She was in the wrong. –CeeGeeWhy

The story doesn’t end here, however.


She even included her crazy mother in the drama.

I don’t think she can sue you for anything.


It has certainly taken a whole 180.

This explains the whole post perfectly.


I really hope they can sort this out like adults.

But the roommate seems to have reverted into a child.


And we end it on sort of a thankful note.

What do you think of this long albeit interesting story? What do you think the poster of this story should do now? Comment down below and let us know.


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