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Incompetent Boss Forgets Employee Quit, Calls Them To Ask Why They Didn’t Show Up

It’s a fast and upsetting narrative about a human being like the one in this story who can really get your blood boiling when it comes to stewing over how certain inept persons get up in positions of power. Bad managers are what ruin the job. it is not the company that becomes the reason for employees’ quitting, but bad managers such as that in the following story. Seriously, it appears that it’s just a matter of time before John makes a major blunder that causes the company to suffer a major setback. Scroll down to read what happened to OP in a job which was worst than he imagined.


1. OP got a job at the supermarket where he had to do a lot and was not credited enough for it. it was because the store was understaffed and the management did not care about the employees much

Font - r/IDontWorkHereLady + Join u/pyjamasoup · 2d 1 S 1 Incompetent Boss forgot I quit and calls to ask why I didn't show up to my shift. XL Not sure if this fits exactly but I thought l'd share. Obligatory sorry I'm on mobile. TLDR at the end. I have worked a lot of bad jobs in my life, but I left home at 19 and needed a job to pay rent while I was at uni. I worked for a massive supermarket chain (and for those of you that live Down Under - it was the red one). Anyway these stores are horribl

2. The job was shi**y too as OP had to clean ovens and floors, and collect shopping trolleys at the end of the day. During these 4 years, he got many physical health problems. After a while, OP decided to give up the job with his savings; he gave a 2 weeks notice.  

Font - The Job: It wasn't glamorous, I cleaned departments after they closed - think mouldy fridges and chicken ovens that had been running all day, as well as collecting shopping trolleys no matter the weather. Now, this company has absolutely ZERO regard for the safety of their workers. Over my 4 years l'd had broken my coccyx, recieved chemical Burns and thrown my back out no less than 3 times. As I said poorly managed and understaffed. As a result of the horrible working conditions they had

3. The management did not read his notice or his email. the manager John was a ridiculous one. He used to complain about OP’s work all the time. He used to make stupid reasons for his ineptness 

Font - The Manager Let's call him John. John was the epitome of incompetent, he would come to train me on a new way to clean chicken ovens and then complain he was getting grease on his new $500 shoes. He once came in as "support" during a particularly busy period but wouldn't help because despite being at my estimate in his mid to late 30s he still lived with his mother (who did all his washing) and she didn't like it when he came home dirty... etc. There are plenty of examples of Johns stupidi

4. Despite giving notice on time, no one read it. However, OP quit yet he worked days after his quitting day because no one would work on his replacement day. Right before leaving, the manager calls OP..

Font - Finally after 4 years of working my arse off and requesting a transfer to a different department (due to my multiple at work injuries) I just quit. As previously mentioned I gave plenty of notice and went above and beyond to ensure he knew. Anyway as my last 2 weeks pass, everyone in the store knows I am leaving and I am expecting to train my replacedment any day, but no one shows up. Now I work alone and there was only one other guy doing my job on the nights I wasn't at work but he got

5. The manager John asks him why hasn’t he showed up at work upon which OP answers he had quit a long time ago and was actually working extra. John argues his date is ahead which he says is not according to the notice and email he sent. It was the most satisfying moment for him

Font - J: Hi pyjamasoup, I was just wondering why you didn't show up to your shift today? Me: Sorry John I don't work for you anymore. J: What I thought your end date was (some day a few weeks away) Me: Nope as per our phone call, my text and my email my last day was a few days ago J: oh, well ahh... Me: Yep, sorry, bye click Most satisfying moment of my life.

Managers should always think about how hard it can be for employees to work in such an uncooperative environment. Managers should always maintain friendly behavior, unlike John. After all, it is them who get the disadvantage in the end. Have you ever been caught up in such a situation? if you did share it with us in the following stories. For more entertaining content, stick around with us.


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