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Artist Creates Beautifully Intricate Mask And Head Pieces That Will Blow You Away

Who doesn’t want to wear a crown?

I know I wanted to wear one when I was a child and I used to run around wearing those cheap plastic tiaras just so I could feel like a princess. However, as you grow up, your tastes change. And don’t get me wrong, I would still like to wear a beautiful headpiece but something that would suit my current style and is a bit more darker. 


That is where the artist who goes by the name Hysteria Machine comes in. She creates beautiful and intricate masks and headpieces that will take your breath away. I am sure we have all seen similar things before but they have never looked so majestic. And each one of these accessories is created by hand which must take a lot of work. 

So we decided to showcase some of her best work with the help of many talented photographers, models, and makeup artists.

Source: Facebook | Hysteria Machine | Website

#1 It almost looks like a conjoining of steampunk and animal style.

#2 We wouldn’t be able to decipher all the detail even if this picture was 8k.


Ever since I was a little girl I have been creating and working with my hands, my mother had the most wonderful art studio when I was growing up and was always willing to show me how to make whatever it was that had caught my interest that week. From pottery to mosaics, painting and sculpture.

I have never lost my keen love of creating the stories that appear in my head. Sometimes all it takes is a knot in a tree that forms a face to have me dashing home to my very own studio to create the story that my mind grabbed and flew with.

All my life is about art. I cannot image a life without creation. -Hysteria Machine

#3 She has also created the ‘armor’ that goes along with it.


#4 You might not be able to see but who wants to do that when everyone else can enjoy this artwork?


#5 The pictures don’t even do these masks justice.


If you love these headpieces or masks and wish you could wear them as well, then I have some great news for you. Because you can indeed buy most of these creations. And Hysteria Machine creates many more things other than accessories in the same fashion that you should definitely check out at her website

#6 If this isn’t all my gothic dreams encased in one picture, I don’t what will be.


#7 There is no need for a weapon when you’ve got this beautiful headpiece.


#8 Maleficent has nothing on these horns.


#9 And thus we leave you with this piece and I didn’t think my mouth could open any bigger.


What are your thoughts on these masks? Comment down below and let us know.


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