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Hilarious Photos Of Kittens Discovering Heated Floors

Even though our felines are among the furriest animals alive they still need some warmth to overcome the winter blues. The rug in front of the fireplace or on the radiator might be your cat’s coziest spot, but that’s not the case every time. Cats can sometimes be crazy and silly beyond our imagination, they choose to rest and sit in the oddest places possible. Have you ever come home from work and found your cats resting on the warmest floor in the house? As insane as it sounds it’s even hilarious to look at!

We found a Twitter thread started by a cat parent who is obsessed with his kitties and didn’t stay back in sharing the kitty cuteness with his fellow feline followers. In the peak winters, he found his kitties laying distributed on the floor in search of warm spots and it was the funniest sight ever. He took a second to invite his peers over to enjoy the Paw-dorable moment, when it took him by the surprise that he isn’t alone in this. Kittens discovering heated floors is a thing, fur-real! We wonder if science would ever be able to explain the logic behind this cat behavior.

Scroll over to admire these adorable pieces of fur, warming themselves up ‘ on the floor ‘!

1. When there’s a kitty at every step

via AJMorganArt


2. Quite litter-ally

via Jcliff_hayden

3. These cats not only found the heated floors but also the floor which matches their aesthetic!

via JanetBassett

What a match, the floor, and the fur!

4. Probability distribution of X, where X = kitties

via AGildedEye

Hence proved this is the normal distribution of kittens with respect to heat

5. This amount of kitty fits perfectly in the container

via HaightNotHate

6. MOOD, right now

via PatKwaz

This is so much fun, cats are the purrfect description of entertainment. They make sure to bring up something extremely odd and different from their cattitude, that leaves you absolutely amewsed! These pictures accurately describe how a cat exactly knows how to make space for itself and fit in perfectly. Cats love sleeping but they get extra lazy if it’s winter and there’s a good heating arrangement. You’ll find your cat resting at the warmest place in the house almost all day long, and you can’t even complain as they are the most adorable creatures alive.

Some hilarious comments are waiting for you down below, make sure to give them a read

7. We’d like to be infested by the kitty virus for the rest of our lives

via estarianne

8. Kittens discovering heated floors, pt.2

via HeartboxMurph

9. Rather seems like a list of personalities the kitten would be having in its 9 lives since they all are alike

via LoveAmuSystem

10. Indeed, leaving all lazy cats asleep for hours

via sidravitale

11. That feels warmer

via nicemovemumbles

12. Now that’s Awwdorable!

via neelieloliver

We are so thankful for our felines being the way they are, so entertaining and funny at times that even the dullest of the days gets brightened up. I am sure there are over a hundred threads that can be created for recording and discussing various cat behaviors, that’s how versatile these floofs are.

If your cat is on a mission of discovering warm floors/spots in winters too, do share with us. We’ll surely love to laugh out a little louder, since every kitty counts!


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