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Evicted Business Destroys Landlord Who Tried To Sell Everything They Own

The world is a cruel place.

Just because you are a good person does not mean the world will be good to you. People are ruthless and selfish. Everyone cares about themselves and their own gains. Nobody waits for anyone to catch up either. If they can take advantage of you, they will take the chance. So, you should expect the worst from the world and be prepared for everything.

This Reddit user shared a story about his company being evicted by the landlord. He gave them 7 days to empty the space, knowing very well that they couldn’t, just so he could sell their belongings. To his dismay, the company outsmarted him. He got what he deserved. Read the whole story below:

Here is the long story short.

Details about the company.


After the lockdown hit, the landlord took the opportunity to make his own profit.


The lockdown has affected everyone. That too in a bad way. People are losing jobs and businesses. The economy is crashing. There is panic everywhere. In this difficult time, we should be supporting one another instead of dragging each other down. This landlord learned the hard way.

He was already advertising their things!


The company not only took their stuff, they absolutely destroyed the place.


The landlord got what he deserved. That’s what you get for being evil.


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