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10+ Dads Who Didn’t Want A Dog But Came Around Real Fast

We have all seen dads who have a hard time expressing their emotions. I guess, they just don’t know how to respond to gestures of love. Maybe it’s because when they were kids they didn’t get the affection they deserved and so they don’t respond well to it now? Or, maybe it’s just because they think emotions make you weak? Either way, it doesn’t mean they aren’t loving, it just means they’re not that expressive.

While this whole situation related to ’emotions’ rarely comes up in every day life. It is commonly seen when someone talks about getting a dog. Many dads around the world don’t go with the idea of keeping a pet dog. However, love is a very powerful thing that can completely change the way a person thinks. And what better example of unconditional love than that of a dog giving it to its owner?

Now, I’m guessing you already know where this is going. So, scroll down and see what happens when dads who don’t like dogs finally get them.

“My dad dressed “the dog he didn’t want” in my childhood dress he kept for his first grand daughter.”


“Dad didn’t want a dog. Dad and the dog:”



“My dad didn’t want a dog. Now he hangs up both their coats to dry after it rains.”



“Another dad who didn’t want a dog.”



Sure he didn’t want a dog.



Cuddle buddies.

Best friends for life.

Tha happiness is real.

Play time!

Just look at them!


An unlikely friendship? I think not.

Selfie Time!

I’m not crying, you are!

Do you know a dad who is just like this?


What do you think?

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