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Mother Accuses Her Daughters Fiance For Buying Her A Cheap Engagement Ring

Families can get in your head sometimes.

Even when you are happy with your significant other, your family has a way of intruding in your thoughts and making you feel bad about everything. That is exactly what happened with this woman. You see she and her fiance had wanted to get married for a little while. And we all know the Jewelry industry pushes the 10-15% rule but who cares about that? Especially in this pandemic, it is better to think about the future and save your money.


However, when the guy got her fiance a beautiful ring that cost about 3k, she was initially quite happy with it. Although that changed when her mother took a look at it who is a jeweler by the way and got angry at how ‘cheap’ it was. And here I thought a ring is supposed to show a promise of love rather than financial security or something else.

Source: Reddit

People can do whatever they want but that ‘rule’ is plain dumb.

It is always better to be safe now rather than sorry later.


A ring isn’t supposed to value anyone, it is just a show of promise and love.


While I understand taking care of a kid is a full-time job, they are your kid, not a stranger.


If she is happy with staying at home and not working, good for her.


It also seems like he actually put thought into what the ring would look like.



Her parents are out of line for sure, but you need to be talking to your partner, not them.

From her perspective, she’s got her parents in her ear telling her that a “cheap” ring is indicative of your feelings towards her, and as a SAHM, she’s pretty dependent on you for money (which I would imagine is a scary position to be in). You should make it clear that you are thinking about the future and making sure that you both are financially secure, at a time where that’s not guaranteed, and have a real conversation about how you both expect to handle your finances. I don’t know your dynamic, but it’s possible the message she’s getting from her parents is that if you are “cheap” now, it will only be worse when she wants/needs things in the future.

If that’s the case, hopefully, you can address her concerns. If she just expects you to spend oodles of money on her, I might reconsider the engagement.

You also need to think about the influence that her parents have over her and your relationship. If this is the attitude they take about an engagement ring, I can only imagine how they’ll be about the wedding. –HemlockAndStone

Who cares about the yearly income? It’s just a ring.


The jewelry industry just wants everyone to spend more money and that’s about it.


Exactly, A ring is supposed to be a symbol of love. ANd more expensive does not mean more love.


Sounds like a beautiful story.


I recently started looking at engagement rings to consider what I might want when/if it comes to it and I was appalled by the prices when thinking of the current economy in the US.

You would think with the current economy due to COVID and the possibility of a layoff (no guarantee not to be affected), the family would be understanding. –CrazyMorbidity

If she never knew the value, she would have stayed happy.

Is she really saying that she can be valued in monetary terms?


There should be no rule, do what makes you happy.

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