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19 Times Nature Gave A Special Personal Touch To Our Pets And We Are Obsessed With Them

Animals come in all sizes and shapes!

Nature has no boundaries. Nature is creative and it shows its creativity in thousand different ways. We love animals and we think nature loves them more than us. This is why nature gets really creative while creating these animals. Nature has blessed some animals with special features and we are in love with them. Some have markings on their fur that looks like a kitty, a silhouette woman or an oil painting from Van Gogh. Are you excited to see these animals? We have compiled a list of 19 animals that have got a personal touch from nature and we are obsessing over these beautiful animals. So, just scroll down and have fun, guys!


1. He carries his heart on his butt!


© gutollyr / Reddit

2. It looks like this kitty is wearing a fancy coat:


3. “I’m pretty sure my neighbor’s dog is the Lorax.”


© kallisto_ / Reddit

This doggo got a better beard and mustache than most of you guys.

4. “Printer has run out of ink.”


© OctopussSevenTwo / Imgur

5. Nature is the best makeup artist:


© mind-sailor / Reddit

6. Meet Olive, His fur looks like a galaxy!


© ralph_the_weiner/ Instagram

7. A puppy with a heart on his head:

© bearbrandbb / Reddit

The way nature has focused on the tiny details is amazing!!

8. Meet Rowdy! His aim is to inspire people and animals with vitiligo!


© white_eyed_rowdy/ Instagram

9. When nature gives you two personalities:

© MC_SULY / Reddit

Mother nature has favored these animals a little too much. Seems like mother nature has given all the beauty to these animals. Be it a heart-shaped mark, a healthy beard, a smile or beautiful eyes, these animals have been blessed with the best and they are melting our hearts with their unique features. Scroll down for more!

10. Is it a woman’s silhouette on his back?


© shanhookey/ Instagram

11. He got a mustache better than you all:

© DogofWar74 / Reddit

12. “My dog has wizard eyebrows.”


© RedTowelGames / Reddit

13. “When my cat lies down all of his white aligns.”

© ninjaneer_rob / Reddit

14. “My dog’s paw has a paw print on it.”


© spaceman_spiff19 / Reddit

15. Love his teefs:

© NanoCharat / Reddit

16. She carries another cat on her back:


© TheUncannyAvenger / Reddit

17. His fur looks like an oil painting by Van Gogh.

© rykoandsky_thebullys/ Instagram

18. “My dog’s paws are completely webbed.”


© J4sef / Reddit

19. Meet Sirius, he does not look serious at all because nature has given him a smile:

© Shadrack_Meshax / Reddit

Do you love animals with unique features? Do you want to adopt a pet who looks different from others? If yes, comment down below and share your thoughts with us!


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