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Amusement Park Ride Operator Made A Rude Karen Cry Who Was Yelling At Other Kids

We have all seen a Karen in action. At least once.

It’s very true. The reason why everyone encountering a Karen so frequently is that they are everywhere to be seen. Remember the Dinosaur age? The ice age? The middle age? This is the Karen age. An era that comes, stays, and then slowly fades away. But don’t worry. For now, I don’t see any signs or hints for this Karen era to go away anytime soon. And they are not only found physically, but you can witness their Karen-ness on the internet as well. Thousands of stories of these entitled people are out there for the people to have a laugh at. And that is what they are to me; a laughing stock. That’s it.


If you’re wondering why is it so that these kinds of individuals are so popular, for those who don’t know about this whole Karen saga. These are the entitled people who believe nothing is above them. They demand more than they deserve with a perception that their high demands deserve to be fulfilled. All this is backed by their high egos and confidence to say no to everything. One major trait or characteristic to identify an entitled person or in simpler words, a Karen, is to observe how they keep repeating the same sentence until the person they’re talking to gets completely annoyed and conforms. That conformity is obviously just to make the Karen happy and escape the situation. It’s very fun.

Today, I’ve got a great story about a Karen for you guys. A hilarious story of how an amusement park ride operator made a Karen cry. I believe I have your complete attention now after that statement lol. Come on, fasten your seat belts and get ready for your best ride ever.

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1. Bullish behavior, entitlement, sense of superiority, and making fun of others. Looks like we’ve just spotted a pro Karen. But seems like the operator is not gonna have any of it.

2. Her friend is totally aware of Karen’s habit. And looks like she gets her friend in trouble all the time for being herself.


3. So she yelled at the kids just because they sat where she wanted to sit. The operator should have just said ‘Maam show me your name on those seats that you are eager to sit on. If you can, you can enjoy the ride free of cost’.


4. See! Again the friend is trying to rescue the situation but that stubborn Karen is too full of herself. Thank god the operator didn’t call the manager or else it would’ve been a classic Karen vs Manager encounter.


This is going so well right now. Every sentence makes you laugh You just know something super dumb is about to come out of Karen’s mouth and you automatically start laughing. How do you guys like it so far? I am pretty sure you guys can’t wait to know what happens next.

Scroll down below to know how Karen cried lol.

5. A well-deserved treatment for the Karen. And in the ride operator’s defense, he was just making sure that the kids had more fun. Karen just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


6. Poor Karen! Just for once if you listen and agree with what people tell you to do (for your own safety), all of this would never have happened. She did all this to herself. I don’t see the operator at fault at all. Congrats to my guy for making a Karen cry though lol.

And no mate, you didn’t make any single person enjoy. You made the whole internet enjoy. I am sure anyone who’s going to read this is going to laugh hysterically.


7. It’s a cult to take all the Karens down. I love it!


My goodness, what an amazing story. Job well-done mate. You explained it so well. I was a proper mess while compiling this for you guys. Just couldn’t stop laughing and kept facepalming every time Karen said something.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. The purpose was to make you guys facepalm the hardest and I hope I have achieved my purpose. Feel free to share your feelings in the comments section down below. Have you ever encountered a Karen or are you one of the lucky ones? If you have, do share your experience.


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