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50 Entitled People Who Crossed All Limits And Got Shamed Online

Entitled people are back at it again.

The entitled population is growing at an unprecedented rate. They are everywhere. You would think this is a first-world problem but no, they actually are everywhere. And now that they have learned how to use the internet, the entire world is familiar with these entitled individuals. You know the whole idea of entitlement is very similar to self-employment. You yourself consider you are employed just because your mom gives you pocket money for every house chore you do. It is very similar to these entitled individuals. They have this very cemented perception that they are superior to everyone else and that they deserve more than everyone. Even if the reality states otherwise, they don’t care. Because their entire perception is built and backed by their fat ass egos.


But the Earth has graced us with individuals who can’t give 2 sh*ts about all the Karens and Jeffs of the world. Jeff, by the way, is the male version of a Karen. I don’t know the legitimacy of this but I read it in a meme and I loved it so we are going to carry on with it. These individuals that I am talking about know how to shut an entitled person up. The way they get sent right back on the ground is super hilarious and I cannot wait for you guys to read through these side-splitting instances of entitled people getting instantly slammed.

Be prepared to have red cheeks. Scroll down below if you’re ready for some hilarity.

1. ‘For exposure’ Oh, Karen!

Via Icy_Calligrapher7088

2. Got sent back to the stone age…


Via jonnymoon5

3. That person just got Wingardium Leviosa’d out of hat chat


Via gxlxxxy

4. This local BBQ place did some serious damage to that Yelper.


Via schumerqwewer3423

5. An ‘unpaid’ internship to fight against ‘slavery’. How ironic…


Via roguesimian

6. Hypermode activated…


Via InkPrison

7. Sweet and pointy.


Via cozyuppp

8. “This was on one of my Mom’s pages, I couldn’t believe it was local and that this kind of people actually exists. It makes me sick to think about.”


Via AwkoTaco76

9. I hope she’s not a businesswoman.


Via cleaning-meaning

10. The right way of dealing with ‘family’.


Via alipooley

11. RKO from out of nowhere!

Via TheBreakUp2013

12. Is it weird that I wanna read the whole list of demands? I know you guys wanna know too.


Via Moxhoney411

13. Yes, it’s better cuz it has a bigger number written in front of it…


Advertisement by UDM

Via ekerkstra92

14. Aint’ no free meals on this house


Via westcoastcdn19

15. Brother what do you mean ‘relieved’ them!!

Via targetsbots

16. “Yeah so we’re gonna hire you as an intern once you become a doctor. And we will offer you $7.25 an hour instead of the $100,000 a year that you can make.”


Via LargeSackOfNuts

17. “When on a few dates with this girl where I picked this girl up every time and I paid for everything (including the zoo tickets and a high-end restaurant). She was upset I asked her to pay for a sandwich on the third date.”

Via expert-amateur

18. A fair deal if you ask me…


Via m0c0

19. So you’re baring her from doing what she does to run the house? Sure, kiddo!

Via fantasyvoice

20. I swear the internet has no strings


Via preneelLfhgfh4567

21. “Got a random text today. Haters gonna hate.”

Via MomofEmma

22. No, you!


Via Less-Bite

23. The audacity…

Via lnfIation

24. How could they not send a bottle of juice! This needs to be reported to the president.

Via SnooDucks9912

25. I think he would have done it had this guy not used that many n’s…

Via willieyobslayer

So much hypocrisy. I swear this kind of people deserve zero attention but the way they bring in their entitlement really makes my blood boil. But oh my god, the way these people are slamming all their entitlement back to the dinosaur age, I absolutely love it. I hope you guys are having a good time. We are not done yet so go ahead refill your snacks because we’ve got ample more slamming yet to come.

26. Hah! Got ’em!


Via lotsofcheesepls

27. Yeah work for me, I’m gonna pay you in experience.


Via PamalaHallberg

28. This is what freelancers have to go through…

Via CarbonatedInsidious

29. And the owner was nowhere to be seen ever again!


Via BigQfan

30. Someone put the smoke out!

Via westcoastcdn19

31. You’re right. No man deserves to be dated if they can’t take you to Grease or Bue by.

Via EddieC1088

32. Is this a bridal party or an invite to an army exhibition? So many prereqs.


Via junebugg85

33. Right so you don’t wanna pay and you’ve got rules as well. Entitlement at its peak.

Via Embarrassed-Shine-60

34. Anything else, sir?

Via bzdoidbtce

35. Boots over Books? God help us!


Via freezethawcycle

36. “Actual quote from an influencer who wanted me to address 250 wedding invites and save the date cards. If it’s ‘just writing’ surely you can do it yourself.”

Via MyOwnGuitarHero

37. “Preferably free” I swear humanity is becoming a joke now.

Via TehSpaceGiraffe

38. Karen got told! Karen got told!


Via evensiec

39. Nice try, sea ruler.

Via bortulisms

40. “Always wanted to use this joke in real life. After an hour of aimless questions without any contract offered, I decided that this day had come.”

Via chapkovski

41. Love how they loose temper so quickly.


Via Wolfgamezz_10

42. God’s plan was not to trespass a private property

Via SpacemanSpaceLy

43. At least this person got a response.

Via -_-n

44. This tattoo artist has had enough.


Via ryanaungs

45. “This happened to my mother today. She (out of the goodness of her heart) offered our house to an acquaintance of hers so he could make a short film. The man went overboard and asked us to give him access to the whole house (and basically move out) for a week.”

Via poplitte2

46. “Okay so what if you remove the plastic from it..” A valid counter arguement.

Via snirmadar

47. So if it’s an Instagram business, it’s not a real business.


Via macmoosie

48. They wanted a nanny, not a babysitter.

Via westcoastcdn19

49. Ironic job offer number 6853638.

Via Ghost-George

50. Would you like a blank cheque with that?

Via Leviathan41911

And that is all from entitled people being shown their way. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Idea was to make your days better if you guys weren’t having a good day already and if you were, well then we hope it is even better and brighter now.

Have you ever met an entitled individual? Feel free to share your experience.


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