13 Hilarious Parents Who Aren’t Afraid To Roast Their Teenagers

Parenting is a full-time tough job. Every phase of the child is a whole new challenge for the parents. It unlocks different levels of their potential and tolerance. With infants come sleepless nights, countless diaper duties and lots of burping. As the child grows, there are toys laying around the house, literally everywhere. Lots of crying, screaming, exploring and breaking of stuff. Parents are by then taking care of a lot of things, putting child locks everywhere possible. Making sure that all the delicate things are out of baby’s reach. Then it’s your child’s first day of school and the parents have entered another level of parenting. Finally, the child is now 13 and has entered teenage.


This is the age when your child becomes grumpy and shows attitude. They do whatever they want and show a “take no orders” behavior. Here are 13 times when parents hilariously trolled their teens. It’s worth a read. Check it out below!

# 1 Dogs > Teens


# 2 Dad 1-0 teen. Literally.

Teenagers are the most misunderstood creatures on this planet and their mood swings are a completely different story. Teenagers go through a lot of physical and mental changes. They’ve hit puberty and are trying to figure out life and how things work. This whole process makes them moody and frustrated. They want to do things their way and parent’s way seem to be outdated to them. Since already there’s a lot going on inside of their body, when they’re controlled by their parents they get angry. As a result, they exhibit an obnoxious behavior.

# 3 This phase of parenting is definitely the toughest.


# 4 Flattering comments don’t work anymore. Cover has been blown.

#5 That just adds a little more fuel to the fire of wanting to check your kid’s phone.

# 6 When “go to your room” is no longer a punishment.


# 7 Giving them the taste of their own medicine.

Perhaps, a lot of people think that the toughest part of raising kids is when they’re still infants. But, that’s not true. That’s merely just the beginning. Sure, it’s quite stressing when you have to take care of them at all times since they don’t know what’s better for them. But, have you ever thought what would happen once they start using their own brain? That too, when they still don’t know what’s the best for them? Yeah, that’s the scary part. And that’s called teenage.

Though they might not necessarily be all wrong about themselves, but they still need guidance and to be honest? They need guidance more than ever in teenage. But, the problem is sometimes they refuse to listen. They are young, ambitious, sharp and full of hope so it’s understandable how they think they can take on the world themselves. But, they’re not always right and they understand this once they enter adulthood. That’s just how life works.

# 8 They’re probably watching Friends.


# 9 Oh, come on! No one can steal your thunder.

# 10 Age is just a number.

# 11 Cool Mommy!


# 12 Would be worth a read.

# 13 Someone’s about to get in trouble.

What did you do as a teenager and how did our parents deal with you? We could all use some advice and a good laugh. Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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