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40 Beautiful People Who Adopted Older Cats

Older cats need a home too.

I am well aware that most people like to adopt kittens. It is usually because it is easier for a kitten to adapt to a new environment and they want to grow up alongside the cat and have more time with the creature. While if you adopt an older kitty, there is always the chance that you won’t have enough time, and losing a pet is like losing a family member and can cause a lot of heartbreak. This always deters a lot of people away from adopting an older kitty which is a shame.


Because older cats have a lot of love left to give. And they deserve to have someone beside them in their ending moments. Nobody should have to pass away alone. And since the rise in people wanting kittens, shelters are forced to either turn away older cats or are not able to help the elderly kitties. However, many people in recent months have chosen to get an old cat to give them all the love that they want and shower them with luxuries. You can see that for yourself by scrolling below. 

#1 Angus and Daffodil are already in love even though they are 10 years apart in age.

#2 This chonky cat is 9-year-old and is quite playful.


#3 This black kitty is known as Salem and sits at a pretty 18-year-old.


#4 This 102 year old woman has been adopted by this lovely kitty.

Via Barbara T. Bates

#5 A 6 year old waiting for her food.

Via rachelpurrmeow

#6 This kitty has seen some things and has lovely eyes.


#7 This is Lil T who is 10 years old.

Via Tiacat10

#8 Venbture here is 14 year old.

Via LeelooDallasSupremeBeing

#9 This 9 year old clearly loves her hooman.

Via tinikay

#10 This is Zeta, a lovely 15 year old.

Via tokitorii

#11 This cat was rescued from the park when she was 10 years old.

Via agskaali

#12 This 4 year old loves her dustpans.


#13 This 11 year old kitty is not going to let her hooman work.

Via UniBrr
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#14 Q-Tip is 13 year old and loving life right now.

Via meowbandi

#15 The small white kitty is actually 19 year old.

Via lazespud

#16 This colorful kitty is Pumpkin and she is 9 years old.

Via haley13

#17 15 year old cat watching TV.

Via ElectricHerpes

#18 This chunky kitty is 11 years old.

Via EvilMartha

#19 Ethan is 7 years old and taking nap right now.

Via SpeedballaOne

#20 This 7 year old cat loves watching out the window.

Via Rollerbladdin

Elder cats can be a bit harder to take care of and many people may not realize that the experience is different. Because of their age, they are usually less active just as humans get with age. And not only that but older cats can also gain weight more easily because they do not have the same metabolism they did when they were young even though they might eat the same. That is why it is paramount to pay attention to their daily intake of food and play with them every day.

#21 This ginger kitty is 8 year old.

Via HerpBlvd

#22 Floyd is 6 year old and has just been adopted.


#23 An 11 year old kitty resting.

Via kolop1

#24 This is Atticus and he is 7 years old.

Via TheRealManniMonster

#25 This little floof is 6 years old and known as Barnaby.

Via Nova11c

#26 This tomcat is 5 year old and loves his new home.

Via Nova11c

#27 Bubbles might only have 3 legs but he is adorable at 7 years old.


#28 Now we get to check Timmy out at 18 years old.

#29 Miss Smiley is 20 and living to her fullest.


#30 An 8 year old kitty afraid of being alone.

Via pianoman1011

#31 This graceful kitty is 10 years old.

Via sumguy720

#32 This 11 year old black kitty was adopted from a rescue center.

Via tiapet12

#33 Lenka seems a tiny bit angry here.

Via blssthsnnr

#34 She may be 5 years old but there are no signs of age on her yet.

Via snowflake32

#35 A 13 year old Siamese kitty with piercing blue eyes.

Via Ericjm

#36 This is Cuddles, a 13 year old who actually doesn’t like cuddles much.

#37 These two cats adopted the family.

Via ThrowTheHeat

#38 Baily is 14 year old and has recently been adopted.

Via abbeydabbeydo

#39 This is Bitsy, a 5 year old.

Via emmagwtw

#40 Jerry is 7 year old and freshly out of the shelter.

Via Vajazzled

What did you think of these older kitties? Would you ever adopt an elderly cat? Let us know in the comments below.


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