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17 People Who Were Stuck In Problems And Found Quick Solutions To Those Problems

17 People Who Were Stuck In Problems And Found Quick Solutions To Those Problems

Life tests our endurance every now and then but some of us know how to deal with these tests perfectly.

Life is not a bed of roses. It keeps testing us every now and then to check our endurance but some of us have gotten so used to it that now they know how to deal with such tests. They know how to have a positive attitude when a problem hits them. Nothing is difficult for such people. They use their smartness and find cool hacks to get away with such problems. Today, we have 17 photos that show the smartness of these people who got into problems but found quick fixes for them. They have such smart solutions that you would be surprised. Scroll down to have a look at them.

1. “It’s getting a lot colder up here in Canada, so my little brother decided to improvise.”

Source: MrGmanFreeman

That’s a great idea. We should do it too.

2. “Seeing how birth defects are popular all of a sudden, I’ve been considering getting this as a tattoo.”


Source: monsterbear42

Boy, you should definitely go for it.

3. “My daughter fixed her cousin’s barbie after the head popped off and would not reattach.”


Source: TheJanks

No need to feel bad about the Barbie’s head because now you can easily fix it using a marker.

4. “Our cat has become SUPER clingy now that we both work from home. We had to improvise…”


Source: bubobaby

That’s a great idea for people with lap cats.

5. “It stormed during the eclipse so my dad improvised.”


Source: djbootybutt

6. “Behold, my friend’s butt razor!”


Source: Kylenbror

The best invention of this year. I guess I need to get this before it gets out of stock.

7. Screen protectors are supposed to fix the screen:


Source: MJP02nj

8. That’s how you fix the machine lid:


Source: eletric-chariot

Ever faced problem while opening the washing machine lid? Use this hack and your problem is solved. All these photos are hilarious but they have given us such easy solutions that we can easily practice them at home. These people are smart and they have used their creativity to make their lives easier.

9. Consider it the green button:


Source: LaLongueCarabine

The word “green” could also be removed.

10. “Our facility manager solved all of our confusion with the bathroom lock.”


Source: joelvan77

You wanna poop in private or poop with your friends?

11. “boot glue didn’t hold, so I’m making it through the day this way”

Source: suspicious_cabbage

A quick fix for a broken shoe.

12. “Got a new headlight”


Source: Hoshui

Well, this headlight is gonna work better than the old headlights.

13. Nothing is broken in the house when you are a welder:

Source: JayDee240

14. “Found this at work today”


Source: mal_licious

That is way stronger than the original screw.

15. “My phone broke (purple line on screen) but then I fixed it!”

Source: edgesandleaks

You can use the same wallpaper if you have the same purple line.

16. “I had an ugly view of a concrete wall, now it’s just like living at the beach!”


Source: edie_the_egg_lady

It looks nice but it would look nicer if the painting was a little bigger.

17. “Had to improvise when I didn’t have a banana to use for scale when I was selling a cage on Craigslist.”

Source: edie_the_egg_lady

Granny for scale.

Did you like these improvisations? Let us know in the comment section which of these improvisations are your favorite. If you have ever made any improvisations, share them with us.

Enjoy this wholesome dog tax:


Via: u/itsmeC08

“Muffin loves heated seats in the winter.”


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