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People Share The Cults That Pretend Not To Be Cults But Are 100% Cults


In the intricate tapestry of society, the term “cult” often evokes images of secrecy, charismatic leaders, and mysterious rituals. However, a subset of cults goes beyond these stereotypes, operating in plain sight while masquerading as benign communities. Today we will be looking into the unnerving world of cults that feign normalcy, expertly concealing their true motives. These groups navigate the thin line between social acceptance and covert manipulation, ensnaring unsuspecting individuals who unknowingly become entangled in their perilous grasp.


Through the accounts of those brave enough to share their experiences, we uncover the unsettling reality that not all cults wear distinctive attire or gather in isolated compounds. Some exist within the mundane fabric of daily life, subtly exerting influence and leaving behind shattered lives. Join us on this exploration as we unveil the stories of seemingly ordinary yet deeply sinister cults operating in plain view, exposing the hidden dangers that lie beneath the surface of the familiar.

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This person took it to Reddit to ask the community which cults they knew of that only pretended to be a cult and weren’t one.

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1. Jeep Owners Cult


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2. Exercise Talk Cult


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3. College Football Cult


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4. Jehovah’s Witness Cult


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5. Southern Pentecostal Baptist Snake Handlers Cult


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The cults hide in plain sight. And some of them are kind of shocking to me, while the others I fully know are registered cults but the members or the participants never conform or agree to them being part of a “cult”. See, it is mostly the association with that term that annoyed people. They don’t like being referred to being part of a cult. That is the only reason why they exist, but are not referred to as really “existing”, if you know what I mean.

We must realize that it is not devotion to religious dynamics or orders that we must refer to as a cult, it is everything in general we devote ourselves. Essentially, we make that particular thing our religion. Here’s one I would like to through in the mix; Potterverse. The Potterheads are part of the biggest cult I know but they would never agree to that. However, when it comes to arguing, they will go all out to support their magical universe as if there was no life without it.

Let’s continue deep diving as we look into more cults hiding in plain sight.

6. Gymnastics Cult


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7. Mary Kay MLM Cult


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8. The Troubled Teen Industry Cult


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9. The BTS Army Cult


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10. Herbalife Cult

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No one can stop you from making decisions that pertain to your life. If you want to be a part of a cult, it is your choice, I cannot tell you not to do it because your response simply would be “Who are you to tell me what to do with me life?”. But all I can say is, as the old man says, choose wisely.

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Cat tax.

“Darkness in training.”


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