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20 People Who Used Their Sense Of Humor And Made The Best Out Of Every Situation

Do you know why humor is good for you?

Humor can help you cope with stress and it helps you to improve your psychological wellbeing. A good sense of humor would not only make your mood better but it will also improve the moods of those around you. One should always add a pinch of humor in their exchange to add life to a conversation. People with humor are smart. Not everyone can be humorous. Using the right amount of humor and at the right time is important otherwise it can ruin conversations and relationships. Not everyone can take a funny photo, not everyone can wear their flaws and not every other person can add fun to their Christmas decorations. But these people are doing it really well. If you guys are having a bad day or are low on motivation, then you are just at the right place because today, we have 20 people who used their sense of humor in the best ways and the results are hilarious. So, scroll down and enjoy some good laugh!


1. “Saw the evil queen when my daughter was napping. Couldn’t resist.”

Via: KimJongSkilll/Imgur

It would be unfair if you go to Disneyland and do not take a photo with Evil Queen.

2. What a creative and humorous way to find a date:


Via: arjunz/Reddit

3. That’s how you wear your flaws:


Via: 1aza2009/Imgur

4. What a smart way to get a lot of tips:


Via: supermin082/Reddit

5. “Neighbor kept their Halloween décor up and turned it into a heartwarming holiday scene”


Via: ShirazGypsy/Reddit

Seems like they were waiting for Halloween for a very long time.

6. “This wrapping paper I bought after going shopping without my glasses I thought it said merry Christmas!”


Via: davethecat3/Reddit

Don’t you think it is an interesting wrapping paper?

7. When you come home and see your parents’ decorations for Christmas:


Via: theoutrageousgiraffe/Reddit

They did a good job!

8. Have you ever seen such a happy dead body before?


Via: sharksdrinklager/Reddit

9. If “If I fits, I sits” had a face:


Via: eleanor61/Reddit

10. “The Christmas tree at my OBGYNs office…”


Via: hamas57/Reddit

Wow, look at this Christmas Fertile Tree. You should always be creative with Holiday decorations and this one is our favorite. We do not know where these people get ideas from but they are brilliant.  We hope these hilarious photos brightened up your day. If they did, scroll down because this is not the end of the post.

11. “left it at the office overnight and found it like this the next morning”

Via: HolePunchJim/Reddit

Never leave your banana in the office.

12. “I was asked to make a sign for the men’s bathroom and this is what I came up with”


Via: Content_Funny_1460/Reddit

This is the best bathroom sign I have ever seen.

13. If Santa starts wearing leggings:

Via: cgay123005/Reddit

14. “Wall art in a local Indian restaurant”


Via: NiceJoda/Reddit

Best of luck to Rajesh and Priya. We hope they are still together.

15. When you are getting the Christmas vibes:

Via: hahnsoloii/Reddit

16. “It’s my birthday today, and we only had Thank You cards in the house. My fiancé made this…”


Via: Conscious_Security96/Reddit

She did her best with the available resources.

17. The grumpiest pole you will ever meet:

Via: gotwilk/Reddit

Imagine going to work and getting greeted by this pole first thing in the morning.

18.  “I decorated my office for the holidays today”


Via: iknowimlame/Reddit

So sad, lonely and haunted.

19. That’s how you get creative with Holiday decorations:

Via: kalebdraws/Reddit

20. “My neighbor bought a tiny frame with a stock photo of a doggo. Before she could put a pic in it her cat demanded an explanation.”


Via: Blakechi/Reddit

Cat: Why would you do this to me? Don’t you love me? My life has been a lie.

Do you think you have a good sense of humor? If you do, let us know in the comment section and do not forget to upvote for your favorite ones.


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