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16 Pet Owners Who Coincidentally Crossed Paths With Their Furry Friends

The best things in life are often unplanned.

No matter how much you try planning things, what is meant to be will always be. You can’t change it. You may have a plan but the universe may have a different plan. Well, things happen for a reason and with time, they prove to be in our favor. You might be out for a walk but end up getting a puppy. You might be out for groceries and end up getting a cat. Someone visited a pet shop and end up getting a bunny. Are not these instances cute? Making a spontaneous decision is the best thing ever so always go with the flow. Today, we have stories of 16 pet owners who coincidentally crossed paths with their furry friends and now can’t think of leaving them. Scroll down and enjoy!


1. Went to the market to buy green beans, came back with a puppy.

© David Siu / Facebook

2. When your dog died but her puppies remind you of her:


© Ruth Forzán / Facebook

3. When your husband does not want a cat:


© Silvia Filla Mardorf / Facebook

4. When you find a cat meowing in a cage:


© Natalia Periolo / Facebook

5. When you go to get some milk and come back with Milky:


© Naty Paramo / Facebook

6. When a cat unexpectedly comes into your life and never leaves again:


© Jean Carlo / Facebook

7. When a cat chooses you:


© Concha Garcia Masid / Facebook

8. When your friend surprises you with a box:


© Pawzz Roo / Facebook

The best things in life are unplanned and happen when you are least expecting them. We are sure this person would have never thought about petting the bunny she once saw in a pet shop and look, how one day her friend came in with a box and TA-DA! It’s a bunny. In fact, a box of happiness. Universe planned it the best for all these pet owners. Scroll down for more adoption stories.

9. When you are a pet owner and have no idea how you got your pets:


© Reyna Isabel Orduno Salazar / Facebook

10. When you want a black cat and end up getting something else:


© Marilyn Uribe Aylas / Facebook

11. When you go to buy a fish and come back with something else:

© Karlita Ason Rodriguez / Facebook

12. When the cat chooses you:


© Lilian Gomez / Facebook

13. When you go out to grab something to eat and come back with a new pet:

© Alan Canales / Facebook

14. When a puppy is so cute that you can’t resist adopting him:


© Isabel Torres / Facebook

15. When you go out to buy a roast but come back with a cat:

© Marina Marina / Facebook

16. When you hate cats:


© Karla Jara / Facebook

Are you a pet owner? How did you cross paths with your pet? Share your story in the comments section down below!


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