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Pooch Takes Care Of Shy Kittens Until They Gain Enough Courage To Interact With Humans

There is nothing cuter than seen dogs and cats getting along and forming a special bond. Most people are now aware that it is very normal for dogs and cats to be friends, but it is still always shocking to see them together. I kinda blame Tom & Jerry for that because growing up, we always thought dogs go after cats and cats go after mice. Well, that was all wrong! It gets even more heartwarming to see them care and look out for each other. Dogs are extremely friendly animals. Since dogs get domesticated so much and have to be socially present all the time, being friendly is part of their nature now. Perhaps that is how they have evolved.


Kona, a domesticated dog, gained a lot of attention on the internet after her owner posted pictures of her being friendly and cuddly with the foster kitties! Kona’s owner, Asa, fosters a lot of dogs and cats. She rescued Chester and Blair for fostering when they both were just 10-12 weeks old. Asa found these little ones struggling and freezing in New York’s winter in some backyard. Asa did not even think twice before taking them in foster care.

Kona has seen a lot of foster cats and dogs taken in by her owner, Asa.

Asa has fostered more than 164 animals. It is a normal thing for Kona now.

“Fostering is my way of giving back to the animals. I’ve always loved dogs since I grew up with 3 of them (4 at one point). I had kind of a broken family and my dogs were the one constant in life, and as an only child, I leaned on them a lot for consolation. They brought me so much joy throughout my childhood and I knew I wanted to give back somehow, and fostering is my way of giving back.”

Given Asa’s record of fostering homeless animals, it did not come as a shock to Kona that she brought Chester and Blair home without any hesitation.


 “It happened naturally! And it actually blossomed more the longer I fostered. With the first foster kitten she met, she was very excited, but she bonded with her more like a friend rather than as a foster mom. Then, as I fostered more babies (both puppies and kittens), she started to develop more of a babysitter role, and eventually a mama!”

It was not easy to rescue Chester and Blair because of how scared and shy they were of humans. Even the local animal farmers failed to rescue these two kittens after trying many times. But Asa being a Wonderwoman for animals was easily able to achieve that target.

Who needs a blanket when you have cats?


Since Kona constantly gets to meet new foster kittens all the time, she does not shy away from bonding with them. She knows how to interact with kittens. This is why she was able to bond with Chester and Blair rather quickly. These pictures make it seem like they have known each other forever and are best friends. They all appear so comfortable around each other. Kona’s hospitality is peaking. It is surprising because Chester and Blair were very shy but they did not hide from Kona. They were able to bond very well with her instead. Isn’t that the cutest thing?

Asa mentioned:

“I think maybe she sensed that these two were a lot more reserved and undersocialized than the other kittens we’ve fostered recently. She really has the magic touch! I’ve had them for 6 weeks now and they still run away from me (socializing has been quite a slow process for them) but with Kona, they gravitated towards her the moment they saw her on their first days here… Blair used to try to nurse on Kona the first couple of weeks, I’m not sure if it was Blair’s way of finding comfort in this new environment, but Kona just patiently laid and let her nibble on her”

Wonder what she’s whispering in Konas ear


Fostering isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Sometimes, animals that require fostering also require extra attention. And unless you do absolutely nothing at all and are able to give attention to them 24/7 easily, it becomes really hard. Trying to manage work and other things altogether. Plus, the fact that these animals eventually have to leave for their forever homes, however happy the news may be, it’s still sad to part with them! And this is also the case with Asa, who has seen some rough days here and there;

“Fostering can be draining emotionally, physically, financially. For me, I think the emotional aspect is the hardest. I’ve cried, letting go of the majority of these fosters, and they all feel like a bad breakup. Some fosters I grow a closer bond with than others and those ones are HARD to get over; I’ve cried for 2 weeks straight before!”

The dynamic duo


Luckily, just like everything else in this world, fostering also has its good times. In fact, wonderful times.

“Watching these animals blossom! Whether it be seeing an undersocialized kitten or timid dog open up and learn to trust people, watching a kitten or puppy grow up, or being there to experience and witness a dog’s ‘first’ (first time on leash, first bath, first treat, first snow, etc.), each and everyone has their own story and their own way of blossoming and it is just such a rewarding experience being there to witness all this happening.”



The best part about finally finding a forever home for foster animals is watching how they bloom in their own homes. Somewhere they find peace, comfort, love, and of course food!

“My biggest challenge is also the most enjoyable! As heartbreaking as it is letting go of an animal that you’ve welcomed into your home and treated as one of your own, it’s also such a rewarding feeling being able to send them off to their forever homes. And my greatest joy post-adoption is receiving updates from the adopters and watching them grow up on Instagram!”

How did they BOTH fit in there?


Chester and Blair were amongst those kittens who did not have any human interaction. Even while growing up, they weren’t so fond of human beings. So naturally, it was going to be hard for them to socialize. However, Konas presence did make it slightly easier!

Keeping each other warm!


It didn’t take long before both the cats started getting comfortable in the house and even around Asa. Kona really did work her magic! Here’s what Asa had to say about these three on her Instagram;

“These two nuggets opened up to mama Kona immediately, but it’s been a much slower process with me. With that said, in the past week, they’ve started to: eat food out of my hand, purr when petted, fall asleep near me and even play right in front of me. I’m sure we wouldn’t have even made this much progress in the first week if it weren’t for Kona, though, so thanks, mama Kona!”

Mama Kona is wearing a comfy mama sweater.


And here she is with other foster kittens!


Always with a protective arm around the little one

Look at those teeny tinies!


She may be tired but she never holds back on giving her all to the kitties!

We loved how amazing mama Kona is with all the cats. It’s so heartwarming to see one animal spread the love around, not just for humans but also for their fellow animals. Truly shows how generous and wonderful animals really are.

This story made us feel like going out there and getting all the animals to come and stay with us. Ahh, if only we could do that. Oh well. For now, how about you let us know what you thought of this wonderful story and if you have a similar one in the comments section below.

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