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Services Industry Workers Share 25 Worst Demands They Received From Customers

Customer service can be a really tough job thanks to the world-renowned phenomenon of “customer is always right”. This statement has made the system so terrible that many customers have stopped siding with rational and believe all their demands must be adhered to. This is what makes working in the services industry a nightmare of a job at times. You just pray a Karen doesn’t show up on a day you feel so good about yourself as you wake up and get ready for work. But who can divert destiny, what is to happen will always happen.

Customers can make very ridiculous demands when such a social order is set in place. And workers serving such customers provide great evidence of the fact that this is an unfortunate reality. Today, we are going to read through some of the stories of customers making the dumbest demands thanks to tweets shared by workers who were asked to fulfill those demands. Twitter user @isabelzawtun took to Twitter to share her experience will a terrible customer, and asked other workers to share theirs too.

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This Twitter user shared their own experience of a customer making a ridiculous demand and wanted to know other people’s stories as well. And the workers delivered.

What level of entitlement is this?

1. The kind of suffering you have to go through in the services industry.


2. I don’t care, create a manager out of thin air because I want to speak to one.


3. Did I just read the customer wanted pictures of “real” dinosaurs?


4. This definitely qualifies.


5. Check out the audacity of this entitled mom.


6. She stole it!


7. I wonder how the customer service people keep a straight face to such dumbness.


When you normally hear someone tell you stories like the one we are reading here, you go “Oh come on, you are chatting sh*t” but when you post something on social media, you know you will get obliterated if someone catches you lying. So this heavy-accountability system enforced on social media posts by the users themselves lets you know these posts are true.

My god, you have to respect the patience of these workers. It is not easy to through what they do and then return home to put on a happy face in front of your family members, ultimately go back to work the next day, and potentially meet another ridiculous customer.

Let’s read through some more stories of customers making ridiculous demands. Scroll down to continue!

8. Entitled trucker made the Krispy Kreme worker feed his dog.


9. It is too much effort to look out the window.


10. I think they really did believe “the internet” is contained within an orb.

11. I swear I did not want to read any more of it after reading “hot iced coffee”.


12. Sorry, honey. The waves are currently providing their services at another lake.

13. Oh boy, some serious negotiations going on there.


14. If only you asked them about the movie instead of inspecting the store by yourself for 2 weeks.

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Dog tax.

“Adopted this lady two months ago. Today was the first time she wanted to play!”


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