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50 Funniest Snapchats Of Cats That Prove Life With Cats Is A Wild Adventure

What is Snapchat even used for?

If your answer is anything other than ‘recording the antics of my cats’ then you’re clearly using it wrong. After all, who wants to see what you are doing in your day? Wouldn’t everyone rather see cats? I know I would prefer that. And that people definitely know that. Because they have chosen to post adorable and hilarious Snapchat showing their cats shenanigans. From cats being angry because they were put in a weird contraption to keep them safe to others just being straight-up weird, we have them all.


So if you didn’t wanna scroll through strangers Snapchats just to catch a glance of cats, then you are in the right place. Because we have a huge compilation just for you. However, while these are numbered, I would like to remind you that they are not the best to the worst as each picture is lovely and unique in its own right. But you are not here to read my jabberings so just scroll below to take a look for yourself.

#1 Honestly, all cats are agents of chaos.

Via Subtractive

#2 Which spider bit this particular floof?

Via ZeroPoint1

#3 Cats sure love ruining puzzles.

Via SoulMasterKaze

#4 The text explains everything quite perfectly.

Via piparkaq

#5 And not scratching you? What kind of cat is this?

Via melka3011

#6 Some cats are just attention hogs.

Via Gh0stfac3

#7 ‘What is this hooman? I have never seen it before.’

Via ThatBluBlockerGuy

#8 Wait, you are telling me there are real cats in there?

Via Bombingofdresden

#9 ‘Yup, I am totally skewered.’

Via eselle

#10 I have to admit the little tent is adorable.

Via ieatcottagecheese

#11 That is true happiness right there.

Via jcc04

#12 ‘What are you doing hooman? Use the litter!’

Via snorri_sturlson

#13 It seems my kitten is a distant relative to this cat.

Via KingkongRS7
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#14 Albert looks like he is planning revenge.

Via Ben_zy

#15 ‘How dare you to ignore me, hooman?’

Via cpaine10

#16 ‘Close the door on your way out.’

Via Ashiker

#17 ‘When can I have my blanket back?’

Via pantrypervert

#18 This is why one needs proof.

Via lls1494

#19 Stare into the abyss and the abyss stares back.

Via Meandmynuts

#20 The kitty looks at home.

Via KagsTheOneAndOnly

#21 I am not sure if the floof is happy or confused.

Via imgur

#22 That is clearly an impossible task.

Via rustydb

#23 ‘The remote is mine.’

Via bigdamoose

#24 ‘Does this make you happy, hooman?’

Via taddyrxxx

#25 ‘I think he has passed out, mom.’

Via Xedos

While cats might scare us or even annoy us sometimes, there isn’t anything we would trade for them. After all, the surprises are what makes having a cat so much fun. And let us not forget how cats can actually be quite loyal if you treat them well. So if you have ever thought of getting a cat, I would urge you to get one because it is a great feeling when they sleep on your lap.

#26 I concur that this is proof.

Via Jayn88

#27 ‘The kitty wants to clearly be higher.’

Via Johnjack15

#28 The only way to warm one’s feet.

Via _ilovetofu

#29 I can see why.

Via Braysl

#30 ‘I need more attention hooman.’

Via Link_and_theTardis

#31 We all want to achieve this level of calm.

Via lexicakes

#32 Cats always manage to sneak in.

Via breakfastofsecrets

#33 We need more cat doctors.

Via l33jiyoung

#34 That pose is purrfect.

Via Metal-Phoenix

#35 He is clearly not looking for food under there.

Via Obamafaps

#36 The choker is doing wonders for his neck.

Via Hardin314

#37 It is never enough when it comes to cats.

Via wastalkingaboutmyrug

#38 It is probably because our heads are so warm.

Via pawnteac

#39 The kitty always gets to check everything first.

Via suszygreenberg

#40 Such an excited kitty!

Via slayrgerl

#41 The huffiest cat I have ever seen.

Via nastasia8989

#42 This is proof that cats can turn into liquids.

Via meerkatisnotacat

#43 Those promises aren’t gonna last long.

Via garekii

#44 So she will use it as litter. Makes perfect sense to me.

Via Downvote_This_Puffin

#45 She looks way too scared for The Talk.

Via h-h-c

#46 Every vacation is a hundred times better with a cat.

Via ChaneI

#47 The best blep I have ever seen.

Via moody_bastard

#48 That looks like a possum to me.

Via kittykween611

#49 That is the best sort of compromise.

Via HawaiianCam

#50 They even have the same bad posture.

Via mmmmmmm

Which one of these Snapchat did you like the best? Comment down below and let us know.


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