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Students Didn’t Proofread Their Text And Regretted Instantly

During our student life we have submitted a lot of homework files, some online and some by hand in printed form. Usually, we’re not careless about the work we turn in. We make sure to proofread and rename, but on a few occasions when we’re in a hurry, we submit our work without proofreading it. That’s exactly when we think of fleeing the country and starting a new life.


Some mistakes are obvious and ignorable but some just drag us into the pits of embarrassment and deep regret. Such homework submissions are usually followed by an apologetic e-mail to our professors as they become mandatory after what we have just turned in. Here are some hysterical tweets from students who didn’t proofread their text and regretted instantly. Scroll down and check them out.

It’s too late to give up now… Or regret.



Not something you should submit to school.

Oh my, my! You better drop out, change your name, move to a different country and start a new life.


We all have experience with naming our homework or work files with extremely embarrassing and awkward names. Although we are usually very careful during submitting our final work, but sometimes we’re in a rush and forget to proofread. This act of carelessness leads us to the pit of embarrassment and regret. Especially, when we have an extremely immoral or profane file name, just like the one in the above tweet.

*Rolling on the floor laughing*

Been there, done that.


Good thing the professor didn’t make a big deal out of it.

Oh my God! That is do damn embarrassing. This reminds me of the time I misspelled one of my professor’s last name on an assignmet in college. The professor kept looking at me with judgemental eyes for the rest of the semester.

Sometimes great success comes with a bit of embarrassing slips.


Seems like someone was high.


These are such hilarious yet embarrassing blunders of student life. In the moment they give us a tiny heart attack, but years later they are something we laugh our a*ses off at. We all have a lot of stories to tell about embarrassing texts we have sent out to teachers. Do share them with us in the comments below.


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