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Elementary School Teacher Photoshops Classic Disney Characters In His Life

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to share our lives with our favorite fictional characters? Samuel MB answers this question with his playful creations, using the power of modern technology and a great passion for art. The artist uses Photoshop to insert familiar Disney characters into photos of him, and it truly appears that he is having the time of his life with his favorite characters.


Life could be pretty fun if we would have shared our life with our favorite fictional characters. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because this teacher just took it to another level and we are so excited to show these to you. Make sure you watch it till the end. We are sure you are going to love it.

1. You clearly need those glasses mate

We asked Samuel about the most difficult aspects of the Disney series in our previous interview, and this is what he said: “The biggest challenge with these photos is creating good lighting and shadows for the characters.” If you do it correctly, the characters appear to be in the scene with you. The most rewarding aspect is seeing how people react when I post a photo. I enjoy seeing how many people enjoy something I’ve created.”

In the last interview, we asked Samuel about the most challenging parts of the Disney series and this is what he told us: “The biggest challenge with these photos is creating good lighting and shadows for the characters. If you do it right, it looks that the characters are with you in the scene. The most rewarding thing is seeing people’s reactions when I post a photo. I like to see that something I’ve created is liked by so many people.”

2. We all wish that somehow we could get Simba


3. This is truly amazing


When asked about his ideas and inspiration, Samuel is certainly not shy about sharing what inspires him to take more photos for the series.
“The first thing you need is a good photo idea. Sometimes I’m doing everyday things at home and suddenly I’m inspired to create a photo. Other times, inspiration comes from watching Disney movies.”

4. This is what it would have been like living with Disney characters


5. This teacher is highly talented gotta say


“When I know what photo I want to create, I just have to use Photoshop and create magic. The first thing I do is find the frames I need in the movies to create the characters. Then I take the photo at home with my camera, and then I present the characters created in the photo using Photoshop.”

6. With great people comes great responsibility


7. Oh no Tarzan you don’t have to do that


“After spending years posting photos on Instagram, I realized that I was bored of posting the same photos as everyone else. One day I decided to create a photo with Disney characters because I love the combination of live-action and animation. A People loved the photo and I decided to do more.”

8. Just a classroom in which I want to be in


9. Just imagine watching titanic with your favorite Disney characters


Samuel told us a bit about the process of his photos last time, so we asked him how long it takes to edit an image from start to finish.

“Two or three hours when the photo is simple and has few characters. Four or five hours if the photo is more difficult. It is difficult to calculate the time because I am creating them little by little, every day I do one thing”.

10. This is amazing


11. Everybody want cakes from them

Motivation is an important factor for most artists and Samuel is no different, as we asked the artist a bit about this as well.

“I am still inspired because with every photo I create I learn something new. I like to learn new things and I still have a lot to learn. Creating these photos helps me improve my Photoshop skills.”

12. Everyday struggle with your favorite Disney characters


13. This is too cute to be ignored

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When asked about his favorite Disney movie or character, this is what the artist had to say. “That’s a tough question. I can’t pick a movie. My favorite characters are the Disney villains. I love Ursula and Cruella, I think they’re really funny and charismatic characters.”

The creative process is an important part of every piece of art, we were curious to know what the most satisfying part of the process was for Samuel.

“I think my favorite part is searching the movies for the frames I need. I look at the movies to research and find the frames I need to create the photo, and I have a lot of fun with that part.”

14. Wouldn’t it be great to have a birthday party with them?


15. Don’t worry I got it

When Samuel started out as an artist, he was quite young and his journey is still going on.

“My father bought a Photoshop program when I was a teenager. He was always editing photos and I liked what he did. So one day I decided to do the same.

Before Photoshop, when I was a child, I liked to create drawings and characters using a simple program on my computer.”

16. He knows when and how to photoshop


Lastly, Samuel also had a few words to share with you dear pandas.

“I want to thank all the people who see my photos and share them with other people. Thanks to them my photos have been seen by many people around the world and that makes me very happy.”

17. Are you laughing too?


18. Chilling time with mates

19. What is going on here?


20. Just look at what I have done, ain’t it a masterpiece?

21. I hope you win this dude


22. Emotional damage

23. It ain’t that easy living with these Disney characters

24. When Aladdin is there to complete all of your chores

25. Caption this


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