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20+ Weird Things That Pregnant Women Do When No One Is Looking

Pregnancy can be extremely taxing on the body.

Anyone who has been pregnant knows how taxing it can be on your body. Not only is your body rapidly growing in size, but there are also a lot of hormonal shenanigans going on. As a result, it is not surprising that your personality changes during pregnancy. Many people become quite emotional and will cry over the smallest thing, which is perfectly normal. Then there are the strange cravings that many people experience. I’m sure we’ve all heard about the peanut butter-dipped pickles. It sounds strange, but apparently, many pregnant people swear by it.


That is why we are focusing today on the strangest things pregnant women do when no one is looking. I’m sure all humans do disgusting things when they’re alone at home, but pregnancy can change a lot of things. Things that you thought were too much for you start to feel normal. After all, pregnancy can cause a lot of changes, and I’m not just talking about the positives, like your skin glowing. I’m referring to stomach problems, breakouts, hunger pangs, and other similar symptoms. So, if you ever felt alone for doing strange things during your pregnancy, we’re here to remedy that.

You can scroll down to see what other people did when they were in the same situation.

#1 Sometimes you have to get in there.

I bought rubber medical gloves so I could manually disimpact myself because I was constipated. It was a regular occurrence. — abrown316

#2 Sometimes medicine stops working after a while.

I drank heartburn medicine directly from the bottle like a Pepto-wino. There was no point in using a spoon at the end as I was consuming so much of it. — amyw406029465

#3 We all pick our nose, right?

My nose was really dry towards the end of my pregnancy, so I was obsessed with picking it. I had the hugest boogers up there. I was super impressed. — mimi99

#4 It can be quite a surprise.


I marvelled at the size of my poops. Pregnancy poops are legitimately huge. — ericamilliew

#5 To be fair, that sounds awful for everyone in there.

I was waitressing while pregnant, and there wasn’t a bin in that restaurant I didn’t throw up in. — r4a0ddbeb8

#6 You gotta do what you gotta do.

The last few weeks of pregnancy I wore Depends to bed because it was just too hard to get out of bed and go down to the bathroom all night long. — ang11

#7 This sounds painful.

I had major haemorrhoids, so my doctor gave me suppositories. I was instructed to manually (digitally, really) ‘stuff’ them (haemorrhoids included) back into my a**hole. — privatefaces

#8 I don’t doubt this person one bit.


Having to shower every time after I pooped. Hemorrhoids make things, um, messy. — audreym4e467c33f

#9 I don’t know what to feel about this one.

When I got pregnant my boobs were huge and my boyfriend had a f*tish of drinking my breastmilk, so of course I got curious and took a suck myself. — euhegiap

#10 The assistant must have been surprised.

I had to do a 24-hour urine collection to test for pre-eclampsia, and peed way more than the collection container they gave me. So, I ended up using cleaned-out plastic fast food cups to hold the rest of the urine. I then had to drive to the lab and hand the poor lab assistant my piss-filled cups. — mischieffy

#11 It’s fine to have hair down there.

By month seven, I stopped shaving/waxing my lady parts — and my husband was too afraid to do it for fear of ‘cutting something off’ — so I embraced having pubic hair for the first time since middle school. — lilmerbabe182

#12 As long as you are clean right?


By the end I couldn’t stand long enough to take a shower — or get in and out of the bath by myself — so I would go days using baby wipes to ‘bathe’ myself. — d4ea205bf0

#13 I didn’t need to know this.

After a membrane sweep, I had my bl**dy show/mucus plug and took a photo of it to show to my mum because it was in the shape of a stork. — vicc4f0fc3ce9

#14 That doesn’t sound too bad.

I ate pickles and chocolate milk at the same time! Nightly cravings through my first trimester. — amberh45ac2c3a0

#15 Atleast they had fun with it.

When I was pregnant I would see how far I could get milk to squirt out. — m48f601a8f

#16 We’ve all done that, right?


I ate food on the toilet. At night, every time I had to pee, I would grab a Twinkie and eat it in the bathroom. — b4362de927

#17 That doesn’t sound great.

I picked the dried milk out of my nipples. — danielleh4fa1a4fab

#18 It happens to the best of us.


I was 42 weeks pregnant in August. One night I was so sweaty my husband woke me up to ask me if my water broke. I stopped caring how gross I could get. — steffyy99

#19 Anyone who has had periods understands this somewhat.

Having urinary incontinence while sneezing, laughing, coughing. It was lovely. — katrinas4ee250778

#20 How does one even do that?

I checked my own cervix dilation. I was in the early stage of labour for a month and a half and had consistent contractions, so instead of going to the hospital five times a week, I just checked my own cervix. — aspyndanielle72

#21 I don’t even want to imagine how this would feel.


I had horrible morning sickness and would vomit so violently I would pee. So, when I felt sick, instead of changing my clothes and cleaning the bathroom floor multiple times a day, I’d strip naked and hug the toilet while sitting on a towel.

Afterwards, I’d put my underwear and pants back on, hang up the pee towel, and prepare for the next session (usually 10 minutes later). — ameeliah

What were your thoughts on these revelations? Did any of these sound familiar? What was the strangest thing you ever did while pregnant? Don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret, so tell us in the comments section below. Also, remember to share these stories with your friends so that they can share their own experiences.


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