26 Trees That Look Like Anything But Trees And Will Scare You

Trees can get real weird at times.

What exactly is ‘weird’, though? Ever wondered how weird this word weird really is? It is weird how we associate this single term with so many things. It’s more of expression. “You look kinda weird today.” “So weird, I’ve lost my car keys.” and there are many more examples. But in general, we associated weird with something unusual or out of place. See, I just cleared ‘weird’ for us all.


And today I’ve got a lot of weirdness for you guys. It’s gonna be a weird journey. Okay, I think I should stop using this word now. We see many unusual things throughout the day. What makes it more attractive or more catchy is that ‘out of the blue’ factor. Take trees for instance. How have you been drawing them all your life? A tall brown bark with a green head and some fruits hanging off of it. That’s what my art teacher taught me. If I see a tree that doesn’t look how I have imagined, it will definitely come across as a little weird to me.

And that is exactly what we’ve got for you guys today. Here are 26 super-weird-looking trees that can easily amaze you, make you laugh, and terrify you as well. Scroll down below to enjoy.

1. So this is where they watch us from.

Via non_sequential

2. Looks like this old man has seen a lot.


Via Russell

3. Isn’t that how we imagine alien faces as well? Trees are aliens? Oh my god…


Via heretobenosy

4. Granda is sad about the direction our Earth is headed.



5. So dragons are real…


Via hanimilly

6. Looks like he took a proper beating but the man’s still smiling


Via Dawn Ulmer

7. How many faces can you spot? I spot 3.


Via charlotte

8. “Hmmmmmmmmm!”


Via John Gleeson

9. Looks like this tree is about to make a run for it.


Via 311isAlie

10. A nosy tree.



11. Now this is what you call staying committed to the Afro.


12. My liking for trees has decreased. Slightly…



13. “I AM GROOT!”

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Weirded out yet? This is the kind of stuff that makes you wanna look twice and it happens all by itself, in a very seamless motion lol.

One thing is for sure. Our nature is so amazing and absolutely limitless. Scroll down below to watch some more unique-shaped trees.

14. The devil is here…and I believe the end is near…


Via lukeram

15. This tree is about to summon the tree gods


16. They are only visible to the worthy.


Via greatcanine

17. No fu**king way. I’m out!

Via 2manyToys

18. For some reason, the mystery of dragons is getting clearer and clearer.


Via VeryFastWithACucumberNiceAndSlowWithAZucchini

19. This tree can smell all your secrets.

Via HockeyCannon

20. The conqueror of worlds!


Via HockeyCannon

21. Be careful about what you do around this tree…

Via lekartofdanger

22. Is it just me or does this tree look like Thanos to you guys as well?


Via serioussiracha

23. PG 18!

vIA 3rdLevelRogue

24. This tree has seen something.

Via deadphishcheez4

25. A sad tree.

Via pufferfish

26. “I hear voices in my head, they talk to me they understand they talk to me…..”



Wow, nature, you’ve done it again This is it from the oh-my-god-i-love-nature therapy. Apart from all the fun conspiracy theories that I just made, it is really is fun to see all these nature’s creations. And it all excites and motivates me to keep exploring our world. ANd I hope it does to you guys as well.

How did you guys like it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Have you ever seen a unique-looking tree? Did it scare you or make you go Woah! 


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