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19 Cats Who Just Nodded Off In The Weirdest Positions And The Most Random Places

Cats fall asleep when we least expect it.

It is not surprising to me anymore when I see pictures of cats sleeping in the most strange places and an unusual style, I have already witnessed a lot of cats doing that although it still amazes me a lot. We all can agree on that fact easily that a cat knows how to have a relaxing nap, no one does it better than them and I do feel jealousy towards them for that. I love how carefree and lazy they are. Do you know cats sleep 12-13 hours a day approximately? Yeah, it is crazy, I know. Ever since I have learned that all I dream about is being a cat. No joke.


Today, we have made a humorous compilation of pictures taken by cat owners in which adorable kitties are sleeping in strange places, in weird positions when they least expected it and it is truly too much cute. Keep on scrolling down below to see the cats being cats…

1. “What is she doing here?”

© rettribution / reddit

2. “The way my girlfriend’s cat sleeps”


© john92w / reddit

3. “Hey, turn on the heating, please.”


© Jojomazo / pikabu

4. “Cats are liquid, so this is the place for them.”


© barsiksib / pikabu

5. “I thought buying a little bed was a good idea.”


© AcatcalledGauss / reddit

6. “My cat thinks he’s a dragon sleeping on his hoard.”


© mirage2101 / reddit

7. “The best spot to sleep”


© momy2b / reddit

8. “Comfortable?”


© abaganoush / reddit

9. “Will you sleep on your…? Ok, I give up.”


© _uncarlo / reddit

10. “My cat choosing to sleep on literal trash instead of the cat bed.”


© LopsidedCauliflower8 / reddit

Yes, that is truly very annoying of these cats to sleep anywhere on the earth but not on their designated beds. You can spend hundreds of dollars to buy the most beautiful, comfortable and luxurious beds for your cat but they will still sleep under a couch, in the closet or in the sink. Cats sleep in the most random places, you would have never guessed that your cats might be sleeping in their food container. There are still so many pictures to show you of these stubborn cats, we are only halfway through yet. Keep on scrolling down…

11. “Oh, you wanted to use your skateboard? Would be a shame if someone sleeps on it.”

© Zwergenfreund / reddit

12. “She loves to lay flat on her back to sleep, and it’s hilarious! I’m glad she feels that safe and secure with us.”


© ilovekees / reddit

13. “Someone fell asleep in the clean laundry again.”

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© frumpmcgrump / reddit

14. “Did it break? Had to make sure she was breathing.”


© Norvinha / reddit

15. “My cat sleeps in the weirdest places sometimes. He’s 12 years old.”

© vrijdagss / reddit

16. “My coworker is really distracting. I should complain to HR.”


© mirarom / reddit

17. “My cat passed out in the tank where I keep the plants that need to be potted safe from her. This has been a surprisingly effective method… until today.”

© kCrankasaurusRexx / reddit

18. “My cat thinks it’s normal to sleep like this.”


© Sadiemae1750 / reddit

19. “I’ll take a nap right here.”

© lokmanonsoy / reddit

Who sleeps on the ATM machine? Whose cat is this? I swear these cats find the most strangest and random places to sleep where you least expect them. What was the weirdest place you found your cat sleeping at? Tell us in the comments down below…


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