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28 Wholesome Images That Prove Animal-Child Bond Was A Match Made In Heaven

Animals have a sweet spot for children. And vice versa.

Those who have pet animals, especially dogs, would know how quickly they develop a connection with the youngest in the house. Perhaps our young children wear the same scent that our dogs wear to attract us. Hmm, a nice theory. I shall work on this. But it is very true. Animals act like guardians to those babies and are very protective and possessive about them. They really don’t care about themselves when it comes to being with the child. It is always about keeping the child happy and satisfied. And soon enough the kid realizes the affection that the animal is showering upon it and an inseparable bond forms. As if the match was made in heavens.


Things even get to a point that sometimes animals become children’s as well and play all day long. That is true love if you ask me. The bond between animals and humans is actually very sweet and strong. Something that helps generate millions of happy memories to be cherished all life. Maybe it was always meant to be this way. All those who think animals are aggressive and not human friendly should think twice because all it takes is one tablespoon of love and all walls break down right away. You just need the right about of patience and commitment and oh yes, always keep loving them and never stop showing them your undying affection.

As I said, the bond between animals and humans is great. But when it comes to little humans, things get even more adorable. Let’s take a look at these absolutely adorable images of children having fun with animals.

Scroll down below for a dose of wholesomeness!

1. “I didn’t hear my daughter get out of bed one morning, came downstairs to this.”

Via TLP119 / Reddit

2. “Somebody got a birthday kitten with a side of pure love.”


Via SpecialistLychee7490 / Reddit

3. “A random stray walked up and nose-booped my son, welcoming him to the neighborhood.”


Via itsmeshawnd / Reddit

4. “My daughter and her sheep love each other.”


Via Bloch1987 / Reddit

5. “Daddy/daughter/dog brother Sunday nap snuggles


Via texasmusic_99 / Reddit

6. “My 9-year-old daughter and our Maine Coone kitten.”


Via grimreaper3011 / Reddit

7. “My daughter and her new baby dol a.k.a our new puppy.”


Via Co_Zo / Reddit

8. “This is my daughter and my granddaughter, being adored by their feline friend, Harley. She is a very loving kitten and is taking a real liking to my daughter’s adorable daughter!”


Via NW7US / Reddit

9. “My daughter reading a story to our kitten…”


Via butterjack / Reddit

10. “My daughter wanted to nap with her puppy.”


Via r*b*rian1 / Reddit

11. “My daughter’s trip to the zoo today.”

Via bwmamanamedsha / Reddit

12. “The look on my daughter’s face when I told her she gets to adopt a kitten for a surprise birthday present.”


Via -TuRbRoN- / Reddit

13. This is what pure love looks like. Just look at that dog’s eyes overloaded with love.

Advertisement by UDM

Via ThatsRedditculous / Reddit

14. “My daughter decided to take our kitten for a walk!”


Via LyricalLynx1108 / Reddit

If someone for any reason was to demand a visual representation of what true love looked like, just show them these images. They are enough to prove to make anyone believe in love. Oh my god, all these images are so adorable. I am literally in Awe right now. The way they just bond, it’s like magnets joining together in a split second.

I absolutely adore the way children and animals live together.  A relationship that could melt anyone’s heart. Scroll down below for some more heartwarming images of children with animals.

15. “This is my son’s dog with online learning. Students can see her in the frame, lol. They said it should be here. Waiting for the teacher to get annoyed. The dog rubs herself all over his face for pets. She might see the dog more than my son!”

Via crinn33 / Reddit

16. “6-month update: Our daughter and her best buddy.”


Via Dpbrees / Reddit

17. “My kitten cuddled up to my 2-year-old daughter.”

Via courtneyriddle98 / Reddit

18. “My very happy 4-year-old daughter holding a box of 8 kittens.”


Via brandonw0009 / Reddit

19. “One of my twin daughters cuddling with my sister’s Dogo Argentino puppy!”

Via snakepatay / Reddit

20. “He would fall asleep all the time as a puppy, and my daughter would lay with him till he woke up.”


Via Scrogador / Reddit

21. “My 9-month-old puppy, protecting my 8-year-old step-daughter while she sleeps in the car.”


22. “My daughter said ‘i love you’ for the first time yesterday, of course, it was to the cat.”


Via Horza719 / Reddit

23. “I love being able to see how happy my daughter is to have a cat again.”

Via Meagazilla89 / Reddit

24. “My daughter and my puppy.”

Via Forko / Reddit

25. “My daughter tucking in her kitten before bedtime. This is Hendo!”

Via LFCdad55 / Reddit

26. “My daughter and her best friend.”


Via Mshorrible4 / Reddit

27. “Adopted our first family puppy today. Found my 2-year-old and puppy like this on day 1. I think we found a winner!”


Via Fidel89 / Reddit

28. “My son always texts to say he’s on his way home. So I open the door, letting his 17-year-old cat and 16-year-old doggo know that he’s on his way. This is them waiting for him. Thought it was adorable and wanted to share.”

Via JonesMommy / Reddit

A match made in heaven. We really don’t deserve animals, to be very honest. Just look at the innocence filed in their eyes. Be right back, my heart is fully melted with the warmth and wholesomeness of this adorable, inseparable, and innocent relation between children and animals. Would you recommend putting the heart in the freezer?

I pray all these children to grow up with the animals and remember all the happy moments they spent together. Because that’s what life is all about; happy experiences. I really hope you guys enjoyed. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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