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Wholesome Photos Of Animals Shared By Animal Shelter Volunteers That Show How Pure They Are

Get ready for a booster dose of cuteness!

Animals are adorable. Period. They just like being loved. It’s that simple. And some of us still fail to do that. I mean, how could you? Doesn’t it melt your heart to see a cute koala gripping a tree, a cat chasing you around, a doggo licking you, a beaver smiling super wide? The list goes on and on. They are just irresistible and the perfect creatures.


It’s a great gesture to care for them. It isn’t necessary to own or adopt them to care, You could give some snacks to a little pigeon passing by, or a little food for a cat that always comes into your garden at 2:30 p.m. Some people like to join animal shelters as volunteers. They love devoting their time caring for animals. Animals at such shelters and sanctuaries are either stray or usually abandoned by their ox-owners. It’s a sad reality, but the love and care they receive at these shelters is a perfect counter for that sadness.

These shelters help these animals and prepare them for adoption. No one likes to see animals spending all their lives in kennels or cages. They deserve to live freely, protected, and with whoever they wish.

Let’s look at these cute pictures of animals having a super good time at various shelters, captured by the volunteers at work.

More information: | The Humane Society | One Green Planet |

1. “My girlfriend volunteers at an animal shelter and this little guy came in this morning.” Aww, he looks so afraid.

2. “My local shelter just posted this picture of a baby cow that’s available for adoption.” Meow or Moo?


3. This is Meme…*melts 2 seconds later*


4. “Caught this moment cleaning cages.”


5. “I volunteer at a parrot sanctuary and all the birds think of us as human jungle gyms”


6. “A cat at the shelter I volunteer at looks like a baboon” It’s the way his eyes cavities from the top are shaped. You can kind of see a straight line go through…just like a baboon.


7. “Meet Kane, a happy, deaf Dogo Argentino and ex-bait dog used in fighting rings, also the newest transfer to the shelter where I work” I am happy he’s in safe hands now.


8. Look, a pocket rat! So adorable!


9. “One of our dogs went as a banana. He was the star.”


10. “Met this cute little Shar Pei mix while volunteering at a local shelter.”


11. “I fulfilled one of my life dreams this summer. I got to volunteer with sloths.”

12. “My friend who works at a shelter found them like this.” A cat sandwich!


13. “A dog at the shelter I work at is teaching me how to smile” Told you! Dogs are smarter than hoomans.

14. A cute little purrito! Extra small size.


15. “My daughter volunteering at our local shelter, helping feed the puppies. She was taken down and overpowered by adorableness”

16. The Kansas City Missouri animal shelter is celebrating empty kennels after a record-breaking weekend. This is so heart-warming.


17. Must be pretty normal for these guys by now.

18. “This fluffy boy came into the shelter I work at.” Omg, I want this floofy boy!


19. “I volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary; meet Raven, one of our tame foxes”

20. “I volunteer at The Humane Society and this girl shook my hand when I first met her! Dogs are the best.” They sure are!


21. “Found this while volunteering at an animal shelter.”

22. “This is what life is like when you volunteer at an animal sanctuary.”


23. “My mom volunteers at a shelter, she came in and found one of the puppies like this.” Livin’ the dream!

24. “I work at a shelter…met the happiest pup yesterday!” Aww! He looks so happy.

25. This shelter takes dogs out to find them new homes, and they all get ‘Puppueccinos’ on the way.

It’s really heartwarming to see all these animals so happy and satisfied. This shows that the shelters are doing a really good job.

26. The Golden Raindrops in April!


27. Those eyes, they reflect a wise soul.


28. “First time volunteering at a shelter in a long time…this one fell asleep in my arms” My heart!

29. “New rescue we got at the animal hospital I work at.”


30. This cat has seen some shit.

31. “My wife works for The Humane Society and just had to show me one of the new addition to their adoption program.”

32. “I went to an open house at the cat shelter my son works at.” They’re so organized. Our queens and kings!


33. Getting familiar with new fellows!

34. “Somedays I can’t tell who is helping whom”

35. “He weighed 26 pounds when he arrived, and he was a giant teddy bear”


36. “My first day volunteering. I think I’m going to love it here.” It’s gonna be an experience of a lifetime.

37. They all look super happy. Look at their eyes. The first one seems like a fortune teller.

38. “Volunteering at a local animal rescue. There are a bonded pair of huskies here.” The eyes look so majestic


39. “He loves to be held like a baby”

40. OMG he looks like Sid from Ice Age!

41. Sneaky little boy waiting to be adopted


42. I believe I can fly!

43. “If I survive finals, I’m spending my summer at shy wolf sanctuary with this gorgeous.” Can we tag along?

44. “We went to volunteer at the shelter today, and when I tried to put this puppy back in his kennel, he just wasn’t having it.” What can we say, he’s got free will, ya know!


45. Little pig Lino resting peacefully at a shelter

46. “This brother and sister gave me lots of feels.” We’re sure they didn’t even try, they are that good!

47. Kittens can be good companions when it comes to socializing


48. “I volunteer at a dog shelter on the weekends. This past week they got in four german shepherd puppies.” Absolute heaven!

49. “I volunteer for a shelter and take pictures of all their pets. This is probably the most interesting one of them all.”

50. Straight from Wild Wonders, Utah! This little boy is having the time of his life!

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