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Woman Refuses To Bake Her Sister A Cake For Her Wedding, Family Drama Ensues

A blood connection does not make a family.

I know we would all like to think we can trust our parents and our siblings but that is not always true. Sometimes they can be quite toxic and it is okay to cut them out of your life. I know society tells s that ‘family is family’ and that we need to help them no matter what. And that can be true to some degree but everyone has a limit on how much bull they can deal with.

Especially if your family is entitled and expects to get what they want even though they have never supported you in any way. Now, I may not know what exactly happened between these two sisters but I know that their relationship is strained. And if this woman doesn’t want to work on that anymore, it is her choice and she shouldn’t be pressured into anything.

Source: Reddit

From what I had read here, this sister sounds like an awful human being.

And it is quite clear that she manipulates people into getting what she wants all the time.


This is basically her way of making you look bad in front of the family and so everyone can say that she tried but you didn’t reciprocate.


Who cares about saving face?


This would have been a great idea if she didn’t already have the specialized equipment.


I would but I actually am specialized. I have all the needed equipment. I tried to start a baking business but due to health reasons, I had to back out.

I still make cakes and treats for friends and family. I made my wedding cake, made the wedding cake for my other sibling’s wedding, and I make all the birthday cakes. I usually give the cakes as my gift for the person’s special day. She is the only one have never made a cake for. –pfghost

Why should she have to make peace when the sister is up to the same antics as before?


You should do what suits you best and not care about what others think.


Even if you bake the cake, she will still somehow find a reason to say you ruined her wedding.


And there is this great comment detailing everything.


If she wants to shame you publicly, fight back.


She should get the taste of her own medicine.

And people should really learn to mind their own business.


Basically, let them say whatever they want and live your best life!

Yes to all of this!

And honestly, I doubt there’s gonna be much fallout. They’re just used to being pushy to get their way/keep Crazy Sis happy, and once they’re faced with opposition (and no loose ends to pick at like an excuse) I suspect it’ll stop.

I could be wrong- maybe they’re the sorts to bother to make A Big Dramatic Thing. (In which case, oh well, tough.) But odds are good they will just fold and shut up about it, with the occasional complaint over turkey years later. –underpantsbandit

What would do in this situation? Would you bake the cake anyway just to get her off your back? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this with your friends.


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