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Woman Refuses To Eat Coworker’s Vegan Cake Which Was Not ‘Vegan’, Drama Ensues

Food makes up a major part of our lives. People literally celebrate their precious moments over tables of food too! Different people have different food preferences, these preferences depend on various aspects such as health conditions, likes, dislikes, occasions, etc. Food choices are a highly personal matter and should never be imposed on others. They sure can be influenced by external factors yet everybody still holds the sole right of making their own food choices.


Forcing people to have food against their liking is rude and discourteous. Something similar happened with the OP of today’s AITA post, where she was repeatedly forced to eat food that was against her preferences. The author of the post appears to be vegan but she never really makes a show out of it. OP being extremely considerate and accommodating visits the same restaurants as her colleagues and almost every time finds herself a suitable vegan meal. She moreover never inflicts her food choices over others for any reason at all.

One of her colleagues, often calls out on her for being vegan but OP kept on ignoring her until one time when Bea (her colleague) brought her birthday cake to the office claiming it to be vegan. OP keeping in view Bea’s past record, politely refused to take the cake as she was unsure whether the cake is actually vegan or not. The colleague made an unwanted fuss out of it, which made OP’s position pretty awkward.

Give the post a read and you’ll know who TA actually is!

1. Nobody’s answerable for their food choices being very honest! But oh well let’s go through the whole story first!

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2. That was really kind of Bea but being careful was OP’s right

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3. The matter went up to the boss! That’s pretty immature of Bea

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4. The cake could have contained non-vegan ingredients as she was always up on convincing you that being non-vegan isn’t that bad

via whatsername235

5. There’s a lot to be watched out for while baking for a vegan

via geckotatgirl

6. I would have laughed at the reaction if I was there!

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7. Culprit seems to be playing victim

via perhapsnew

8. You don’t need to answer why your tastebuds are unaccepting of animal-based food or what are your beliefs on that!

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9. Or as vegan as a cake with dairy and eggs of animal origin

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It’s highly immature if someone tries calling out others for their food choices or makes them explain for having those dietary preferences. Moreover, tricking people for food they don’t usually take could pose serious health problems, not just because of their disliking for the food rather due to allergies and intolerances too.

This coworker seriously needs to reconsider her means and ways of leading a sound adult life! Keep scrolling to see how other commenters weren’t happy with Bea’s reaction and her being so authoritative.

10. That’s exactly what the OP should do

via AccioWine9

11. Bea needs to grow up, her childish behavior can’t be justified at all

via VarnishedTruths

12. Would she take up the responsibility for the consequences after having non-vegan food?

via TalulaJen

13. You can’t risk your health just for toning down the drama of course

via Travelwithbex

14. A no is a no

via Hecatombola

15. No explanations to be given

via MazerTag

16. It’s high time Bea understands and starts respecting your food choices

via TheBrokenGayNerd

17. What if you didn’t like cake at all?

via auracyan

Do you agree with the fact that this was something highly immoral and petty to have been done by a professionally educated person? Do let us know about your comments on the whole scene!


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