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20 Hilarious Times People Celebrated A Bit Too Early

Overconfidence can turn into regret very quickly.

Every time I would come back home after a very good exam, my father would ask me how much do you think I will score and I would say 90+. And every time he would respond by saying “Don’t be overconfident, it can drag you all the way to the world of regrets”. And at times, even though I had had a good exam, the silly mistakes would hunt me down and my score would end up being lower than my expectations. And my father would end up being right. Ever since I have the school days, I have learned never to celebrate too early. I have learned that it doesn’t take a second for things to go south and life then starts filling with regret. But, to a third person, such an event can actually be very hilarious. Come on, I hope you guys didn’t think I was telling you my sob story. I find this stuff absolutely hilarious. I mean, it’s a proper backfire. Your ass fails like it hasn’t ever.


From Blockbuster tweeting about Netflix losing customers to a person getting kicked out of the cinema after celebrating them illegally sneaking into the cinema, we are going to laugh openly and hysterically at people whose early celebrations backfired instantly.

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1. You posted a hack that would help loot a company, on the internet where that company also has a presence. You deserved to get your card block. Not for thriving, but for being this dumb.

Via u/yeetlolbeans

2. That must’ve burned the already burnt soul of Blockbuster…for a very long time.


Via Blockbuster

3. Uh ho, looks like the fiance isn’t too happy about what happened yesterday.


Via u/dirtymick87

4. Nothing has ever shot low than Cyberbunk’s ego and nothing has ever shot high than their guilt after this.


Via u/ReclaimInRhodesia

5. The free game just turned into something very expensive for this hacker.


Via u/Ebadd

6. This is the person who jinxed it for all of us. Forget COVID, I got cancer in 2020.


Via u/supermoo7000

7. Joe Exotic running as fast as they can in the opposite direction after this statement.


Via u/CherryManJoJo

8. They bid farewell to a soul that hadn’t yet left the body.


Via u/helloworldn

9. 2020 should have just been erased from the calendar.


Via u/rotislut

10. Come on man, you could’ve said anything and you chose to jinx yourself. Rest in peace.

Via u/ljb6879

These are actually very painful to read if I am being honest. The backfiring is so instant that at times it feels unrealistic. But these events are real. You gotta be very careful with what you say because karma is a very fierce concept and can hit you when you least expect it.

Regardless, of all the pain and suffering, my god these events are so hilarious. I hope this never happens to anyone, but come on. These ones have already happened so we are legally allowed to laugh at them.

11. “Hitler tamed by prison”. Biggest joke in the history of all history.


Via cschelz

12. Aw poor kid. That smile is about to be wiped off of his face in a second. And it might not return back…ever.

Via u/darranimo

13. Oh come on, Hilary. I did not expect that from you.


Via u/RunGamerRun

14. I will just hold my laugh in, as my cheeks turn red and my lungs take some damage…and swiftly move on.

Via u/nintendoshill

15. Never obsolete? My 9-year-old cousin has no idea what this thing is.


Via u/SeiriusPolaris

16. Celebrated way too early after illegally entering the movie hall. Forgot that karma also sneaked in right behind him.

Via u/jeberly4

17. Oh dear. You might want to take a couple of thousand items out of that figure.


Via u/libra_dan_iella

18. I actually feel bad for this reporter. No lottery and no source of income anymore either.

Via u/AristonD

19. Why do they all have to jinx themselves.


Via u/NateM135

20. Gary knows bill passed away. He made this post 3 years ago using Internet Explorer.

Via u/ehh2

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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