10+ Women Share Things That Men Do To Impress Them But Instantly Backfires

When it comes to impressing girls, guys know everything!

Everything that’s NOT going to work. Yes, that’s right. As much as we want to believe that a guy knows the way to a girl’s heart, it’s quite the opposite actually. Bragging about being rich, successful or powerful isn’t going to do anything if that’s what you’re thinking. I mean, yes these things would work on a gold-digger maybe, but not on the girl of your dreams.


Girls are more independent now. They are not so impressed by money or expensive cars. They know that there’s much more to a person than just these worldly things. So, guys! Take notes and observe. Below we have compiled short stories from girls about guys and their failed attempts of impressing them.

Scroll on below to see what and what not to do.

What are they trying to achieve?

On dating websites, post photos of them posing with at least 8 scantily clad women who work at the tropical resort that the guy is staying at.

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Actions speak louder.

If you have to constantly tell people how big of a deal you are, you’re not a big deal. Also don’t be a jerk to the staff.

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There’s a big difference.

Trusting you know what your girl wants is not the same thing is telling her what she wants.

One is knowing her well enough to give her what she wants the other is doing what you want and telling her she should ‘lighten up and give it a try.’

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Every. Guy. Ever.

Going to into great detail about all the things they’re going to do when they get you in bed, and then doing exactly zero of those things.

Don’t bring me into the bedroom thinking I’m getting an evening of kink and pleasure when the reality is 10 seconds of jackhammer sex that’s only enjoyable for you.

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Guys who act ‘extra masculine’ have serious issues.

Dated a guy once that took the masculine thing too far. I couldn’t call him cute without him flipping out. He wouldn’t ever call anything cute either. Wouldn’t even run his hands through my hair because it was too girly.

Guy I’m with now falls asleep playing with my hair and it is HEAVEN.

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Lying to make themselves look smart. The truth will come out. And when it does, they will look like a dumba*s.

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Why are men always under the impression that doing this will make girls go crazy for them?

Messaging someone right off the bat with something like ‘hey baby/sexy/slut, I bet you’d like it if I [insert detailed but poorly-written and grammatically incorrect sexual fantasy that borders on both violent and extremely awkward all at once]’ No. No i would not like that, and no, this isn’t….appealing? If I ask for your detailed sexy fantasies, that’s one thing, but don’t come out the gate with that sh*t, man.

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No one should have that much control.

Order my food for me. Not in a cute, I know what she wants kind of way but a dominant a*shole kind of way.

I once was taken on a date, he insisted in driving and drove like a jacka*s there and back, blasted the same T-pain song over and over, then as we proceeded to order, he ordered everything for me, from the water to my horrible salad. I STILL PAID HALF THE BILL!!!!! One of the worst dates ever. 0 out of 10 would recommended dating this guy.

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Calling him paranoid would be an understatement.

Being overprotective in a cringey way. I have nothing against a guy who is considerate but I really don’t need someone who wants to punch every other guy that just looks at me (or even someone who makes sh*t up like “I heard these strangers over there talking sh*t about you” and frowning at them) Like wtf dude, make me feel safe if you want to but don’t make me feel like I‘m made of glass.

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It’s easy to talk tough when there’s no threat.

Talking about how they can “take down” someone. Okay you do that…

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That’s not how it works, tbh.

That lip licking movement in between the index and middle finger implying that they are good at cunningus. Yeah, yucks.


“Guys only want one thing and it’s f*cking disgusitng.”

Explaining that they’re great at sex.

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That really did backfire.

I had an ex that would put on his “sultry” voice and tell me it’s time for bed.

It really came out sounding creepy and not a bit romantic.

Physically, we had good times but I had to cringe past his verbal intro.

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Negging. Curse you early 2000’s and your bullsh*t-ery.

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Why is there a competition?

Trying to prove that they are smarter than me. Dude I want to be able to have a normal conversation with you. Stop interrupting me and actually listen for a second. You might recognize that I too have something interesting to contribute to the conversation.

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Not everyone is a gold-digger.

Bragging about how expensive their house/car/boat/etc. is or how much money they make. It’s great to share your passions and talk about your job but if all you’re interested in is material items and money I’m immediately turned off.

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I H A T E when guys brag about having some clout on social media, i do not care how many followers you have i care about you as a person!

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It’s funny how all guys function in somewhat the same way.

Talking about fights they’ve gotten in, saying how bad they wanna beat another guy’s a*s, saying “I could kill that guy” or other belligerent things.

I do not care if you punch things. I do not care if you can overpower other men. I do not care if you are capable of killing people. Just be a good person and make good choices. Your pissing contests do not interest me.

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I’m done.

The Tinder squint which they think makes them look like a moody lead singer on an album cover, when it actually makes them look like Renee Zellweger smelled a fart.

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Couldn’t have said it better.

A bit of a contradiction but when a guy is either a f*ckboy or a “nice guy.”

No one, female or otherwise, needs some Grade A mega-douche making you feel inadequate nor does anyone need some spineless doormat putting people on a god damn pedestal and drop kick your a*s off of it the moment you reject him. Confidence and kindness are sexy/attractive in a man (and people in general) but not when someone takes it to the extreme.

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So, ladies! Do you have any more things to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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