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People Reveal Their Worst New Years Eve Stories

Feeling bad about how you were not able to party this new year’s eve? Well, let us help you feel better.

As the whole world struggled to fight their way through the pandemic during 2020, people couldn’t party for 2021’s new year eve like they usually would, due to the lockdowns. We feel you. We understand that you’ve been disappointed and you had to spend this new years eve while being confined to your homes but hey, this post is solely to make you feel better about it. How are we going to do that, you ask? Well, a Twitter thread asked people to share their worst New Year’s Eve experiences from the past and that certainly made us feel better about this one!

Some of those experiences left us astonished and in utter shock. Some of them are hilarious while some of them are kinda sad. So, if you are still feeling bad about how you were not able to party with your friends or go outside during this new year’s eve, this is surely going to make you think again about it and make you feel better! Are you ready for it? Start scrollin’ down!

1. That’s where it all started.

Via @morninggloria

This one’s going to be one bumpy ride!

2. Ouch, you don’t even have to explain that anymore.

Via @Faith_Salie

3. Wow, that escalated quickly! Something good came out of it at least.

Via @alwaysalejandra

4. HAHA! That must have been so embarrassing! God, I cannot even imagine.

Via @thatjillian

5. Well folks, that is why you should always plan it out first before leaving the house.

Via @malloriesullivn

I cannot even begin to imagine the awkward silence during the ride that long!

6. Oops, that surely sounds awful!

Via @amycookuws

7. Damn! Imagine what if you get caught…?

Via @bubbaprog

8. Oh well, at least it still didn’t go completely wrong.

Via @jennasauers

9. Wow, that is truly effed up!

Via @justin2me

10. But why wouldn’t you get your shoes back…?

Via @arb

Point to be noted – Never throw your shoes at your ex during new years eve.

Well, we are only halfway through and you must be thinking, damn, these people surely had to go through rough times, especially during their new years eve! But hey, that’s only to ease your suffering for not being able to party on this new years eve. There are more in the store for you, keep on scrolling until the end of the post!

11. That surely must have ruined your new years eve.

Via @SarahThyre

12. That still isn’t entirely that bad, if you ask me.

Via @lts_Katka

13. We feel really sorry for her.

Via @imteddybless

14. That is definitely one of the worst new years eve. Period. < The irony, right?

Via @erinrileyau

15. I don’t even know what to react over here.

Via @LVJolieBeth

That is sad and kinda hilarious at the same time.

16. Dayum, son! What did you even do?

Via @ashleyn1cole

17. That’s sad.

Via @RachelFeltman

18. Who tf would take their gf to a strip club on the new years eve? Come on!

Via @LSangston

19. Need to stay away from such toxic people!

Via @Shermanther

20. Hahaha this one cracked me up!

Via @WheezyKin

What an evil thing to do!

So, what do you think of your new years eve now, guys? Do you still think it’s bad enough for you to mourn after reading what all of these people had to go through? We are sure that at some point, you’ve had a bad experience to which you can relate to and feel better about this one! Anyways, let us know about your bad experiences too, into the comments section below!


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