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20 Pet Owners Shared The Most Im-paw-sibly Charming Photos Of Their Pets And We Are In Love

Pets are loyal, kind, affectionate and charming.

Our lovely four-legged friends are full of charm and have you ever thought about what makes them charming? Is it the physical attributes? No, whether a pet is blessed with beautiful features or not. For us, every pet is equally beautiful and dear to us. It is their loving, warm, affectionate and friendly nature that adds to their charm. The way they cuddle, the way they wait for you to come home or the way they show their love for their humans, melts our hearts every time.


For every pet owner, their pet is the best. This is exactly why a Twitter user started a Twitter thread and asked people to share photos of their pets. She started by sharing the photo of her adorable doggo and we think, she owns a lovely pet. Many people followed her thread and shared their pets’ photos. Since we love animals, we made a compilation of some of the pet photos shared by people for your viewing pleasure. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. A Twitter user started this thread and many users followed it:

2. When you are the coolest kid in the town:


© DavizGh / Twitter

3. When your girl is smarter than you:


© sofiavargasx / Twitter

4. Why do they grow up so fast?


© heyitsmaffxr / Twitter

5. Love the little red nose!


© Ingriid_HG / Twitter

6. Brownie has got shiny hair and different-colored eyes:


© Strauu / Twitter

7. What a lovely boy!


© pauxhs / Twitter

8. The trouble maker in the house:


© Aagusnu / Twitter

9. His secret to looking good in pictures is his bright smile.


© sofiiladeveze / Twitter

10. Pets don’t enjoy getting a bath.


© sadnesstian_ / Twitter

11. How cute do they look while sleeping:

© Nub3in3rt3 / Twitter

Pets can’t really talk but they have emotions through which they communicate to their owners. They are so good at expressions, they would show you when they are sad and when they are happy. Their faces would tell you whether they enjoy taking a bath or not. Your newly adopted pet will show you how comfortable it is in its new home through its expressions. They would cuddle with you and sleep in your bed all relaxed as if it was all they were looking for. So, love your pets as much as you can and keep sharing their photos since we love all kinds of pets.

12. Is it a cat or a bunny?


© DanielaRojxss / Twitter

13. We wish her a long and healthy life.

© nahiagalvann / Twitter

14. If innocence had a face:


15. Otto is overloaded with cuteness.

16. The tiniest one is taking the Vitamin D:


© valdecundo / Twitter

17. They are bestfriends:

© joseeyi_ / Twitter

18. Alaska has got the prettiest eyes:


© SantilliJuliet / Twitter

19. Why does she look a little sad?

© ValeenChiarello / Twitter

20. Cats: Act nice in front of the camera.


© _dayfuentes / Twitter

21. This girl looks angry though.

© NahuToskno / Twitter

No doubt, all these pets are beautiful and they make their human’s life a lot happier. We love how these pet owners are so proud of their pets. It shows how much do they love their pets. We love all of them. Do you own a pet? Feel free to share your pet’s photo with us in the comment section down below.


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