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Artist Illustrate Terrifying Angels Using Historical Imagery And Descriptions

Many people get intrigued by the idea of Angels. No one has ever seen one and we only have visions inspired by the descriptions mentioned in the holy scriptures. They are described as these supernatural creatures that are higher than the entity of humans and subservient to God. They are described as celestial beings that are used to mediate between Prophets and God, and Humans and God.


At some point, we all have imagined what Angels look like. Few Tumblr users were determined to confirm what an angel might look like, so some of them created illustrations of angels according to their imagination influenced by historical references. While some illustrations are beautiful, some are pretty scary too.

Stay tuned and find out if these illustrations depict the image you have in mind of an angel! These illustrations are also followed by some comments on how Angels have been described in biblical books and other sources.

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1. Are those rings put together?

I doubt angels look like this at all! This looks like four rings have been put together and a newborn is emerging from the middle. How are angels supposed to be like kids? They are meant to be way bigger than adult humans, let alone babies.

2. I would die of shock if I ever saw such beautiful wings on an angel!


Now, this is what I am talking about! Those wings are unbelievably beautiful. Whenever I think of angels, I imagine their wings being bigger than a whole city. Their wings be so big and long in length that we would not even be able to see the end of it. They would look purely magical! And I don’t know why, but angels are constantly associated with light and white color. A human’s imagination is also limited. If a human’s imagination can create something so beautiful, just imagine how beautiful angels could be in reality.

3. It looks more like an Egyptian queen


I doubt any angel looks like this. Even though this creature got magnificent wings, it looks kind of scary. It seems like this creature aims to overtake some land and rule over it. People would be more scared of this creature than blessed. Angels are supposed to be pure and gentle. Such a harsh look does not align with the imagination most of us have of angels.

4. Golden wings


Golden is a color of royalty. Angels in movies are shown to be these royal beings that so magnificent and beyond the reach of human beings. Gold looks so beautiful on human beings, we can only imagine how beautifully angels can wear wings of Gold.

5. Uncomprehendable being!


That is possibly the most accurate representation of Angels and why we are not properly aware of how they look like. In all biblical religions, Angels are described in ways that make us imagine something very magical. Magic is a concept that has no limits to it. Hence, no one has accurately explained in the biblical religions what angels looked like.

6. Fearful beings!



If Angels had to reiterate that every time they met human beings, there is a possibility that they are fearful creatures. No doubt, they must be beautiful and their beauty is capable of lightening up a whole town.



I am with the shepherd on this! I am laughing at how this conversation is playing in my head. The angel keeps insisting on not to feat it, but the shepherds keep running around the field like a maniac!

8. Demons are just fallen angels!


I need to have a conversation with this person who thinks demons do not look scary.

9. I’m just going to send mom!


Yes, that would be the most appropriate thing to do at that moment (sarcasm intended). As if moms do not fear anything.

10. If we are scared of spiders, there is no way we can handle seeing an angel!

This is one thing that scares me the most. There are so many creepy and dangerous animals and creatures that exist on this planet, that scare the hell out of us. If these creatures can creep us out and scare us to our core, imagine how much fear a huge creature like Angel can instill in us.

11. Dark creation phase!


Well, what does everyone think? I think a few of the illustrations captured the vision I had in mind regarding what an angel must look like. My mind instantly is filled with an insane amount of light and feathers whenever I think of an angel. I also think there will be a very delicate and intoxicatingly flattery fragrance.

The illustrations that looked scary and edgy did not sit right with me. I do not think that angels are supposed to be fearful creatures. Their presence will definitely be overwhelming, but not because they are scary. The beauty of celestial beings is supposed to overwhelm you because they are beyond our imagination and anything that is unfamiliar to us, is supposed to move us.

What did you all think of these illustrations? Let us know in the comments below what your idea of an angel is!


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