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Woman Asks If She’s Wrong For Barring Her Husband From The Bedroom


OP is a nurse working in a pediatric ICU, putting in around 50 hours a week to support their household financially. The husband, on the other hand, has a degree but is not actively seeking a job and only works part-time at a grocery store. He spends most of his time playing the online game


The main issue arises when the OP has been longing for a day off together with her husband, as they haven’t had a weekend off together since their wedding 18 months ago. They plan to visit an animal sanctuary together on their first Saturday off, but the husband starts the day by going to breakfast with his best friend and leaves before the OP wakes up. He spends the day with his friend, playing video games, and helping with various tasks, leaving the OP feeling ignored and unvalued.

Despite the OP’s efforts to coordinate with her husband and spending time in the rain waiting for him to come home and let her in, he continues to prioritize his friend’s activities over their plans. This leads to an emotional confrontation, with the OP feeling upset and hurt by her husband’s actions.

Keep on scrolling down below to dive deeper into this scenario. Make sure to read it till the end otherwise, you won’t be able to get the whole point here

1. OP is a nurse who works 50 hours a week and her job is quite hard but she has to do it because it pays their bills



2. OP’s husband does have a degree but right now he is not looking for a job, he works 2 days a week at a grocery store but spends most time playing video games.



3. OP had planned a good day for them to have by visiting an animal sanctuary and she had been insisting her husband to swap his Saturday shift, so they could have days off together.



4. They were supposed to go to an animal sanctuary that day but OP’s husband went to get breakfast with his best friend, OP calls her when she wakes up and he responds by saying he’s helping out his mate and finding an excuse of the weather for not going to an animal sanctuary.



5. He gets home by 1 PM takes some rest, plays video games, and leaves again at 5 leaving her wife high and dry.



6. OP calls her husband again and he says he is 5 minutes away and will leave in a minute but even after 45 minutes he hasn’t left



7. At night OP calls her husband to see where he is surprisingly his friend answer and says he is driving out to do something an hour away, by this time OP had gone upset and texted him that she doesn’t wanna speak to him tonight.



8. Although OP and his friend don’t work and they hang out every time OP still didn’t take out time for her wife



9. Now OP wants to know if she’s an A-hole for reacting the way she did



10. OP wasn’t expecting these much of comments, and was showing gratitude towards users who showed kindness and gave her advice.




11. NTA


12. Seriously with an attitude like this he can go live with his friend



13. OP’s husband is not realizing the level of carelessness towards her wife, and he has kinda checked out of this relationship.


14. His priorities are straight which are spending his time with his buddies and playing videogames



15. He is literally now reacting like a grown-up, come on you can do better than this dear husband.


16. This user has got a point




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