Boss Fired Employee And Still Expects Them To Work, Gets Shut Down By Employee

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There are memes that make us all laugh on a daily basis, there are funny videos that keep us hooked as we cry laughing, and then it’s the funniest stories one could possibly think of that are impossible to think of without rolling on the floor laughing. Now that fun is becoming a daily necessity given how tough times are, funny stories have recently gained a lot of popularity. And today we will be enjoying a funny story as well. The story comes straight from the subreddit r/antiwork. The subreddit contains all sorts of stories about people who don’t want to work and want to live a work-free life and want to ruin the lives of those who want to work.

In the story shared by Redditor user u/ScooterBobb, they mention how they got fired from work but soon after received a message from their boss as if they thought OP was still hired. OP posted the screenshot of their conversation on the internet and Redditors had a great laugh about it.

Now is your time to laugh. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. The employee was in complete shock after receiving this message from their boss soon after being fired.

Via ScooterBobb

2. The boss casually asked OP whether they created an order for the inventory or not. The conversation took a hilarious turn as OP reminded them how they had been fired and have nothing to do with the job anymore.


Via ScooterBobb

The boss actually taunted OP about being unprofessional when she herself contacted a fired employee to enquire about a business query. Crazily hilarious, this boss.

The screenshot blew up on Reddit and the community members had a nice, required laugh.

3. No one saw OP being unprofessional anywhere in that conversation.


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4. Maybe the boss teleported to a parallel universe as soon as they fired OP.


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5. Even if OP had been unprofessional in that conversation, what would have the boss done? Fire them again?


Via RetMilRob

6. “Bless your heart” can pierce through The Hulk’s skin.


Via _Alazne_

Right from the get-go, I started laughing so much. How dumb do you have to be to hold the position of a boss and then do such a thing? God, what has happened to our world. One thing is for sure, everyone absolutely enjoyed how this conversation went and I hope you guys had a blas reading it too. There is a part of me that wished it to be longer, but this fully did the job as well.

7. Exactly how they are supposed to be dealt with.


Via Quaysan

8. Talking to them is like hitting your head against the wall.


Via Over-Iron9386

9. OP did respond in a great way.


Via newmoon23

10. I know right?


Via Kewege

11. The thing is, OP wasn’t their employee when they got contacted. No law bound them to respond to that person anymore. End of story.

Via That-OtherGuy

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