50 Bosses Who Deserve The Award For Being The Absolute Worst

Having a bad boss can be a nightmare for employees. Unfortunately, many people have experienced working for a boss who makes their work life miserable. Bad bosses come in many forms, but they all share a few common traits.


One of the most common traits of a bad boss is micromanaging. Micromanagers are bosses who closely scrutinize their employees’ work and do not allow them any autonomy. They may check in on their employees multiple times a day or even demand to approve every decision their employees make. This can create a stressful work environment, and employees may feel that they are not trusted to do their jobs properly.

A lack of empathy is another trait of a bad boss. A boss who lacks empathy and understanding for their employee’s personal and professional challenges can create a negative work environment. Employees may feel that their boss does not care about them as individuals, which can lead to low morale and a lack of motivation.

Bullying is one of the most destructive traits of a bad boss. A boss who bullies their employees can create a hostile work environment and lead to high levels of stress and low morale. This can also lead to legal consequences, as workplace bullying is illegal in many countries.

Bad bosses are a big no I am sure we have established that by now. Today we will be taking a look at the experiences of employees with their absolutely terrible bosses. This will show you just how difficult it is to work in an office that is led by a bad boss.

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1. “My boss thinks I should skip seeing my probation officer and go to jail so he can have a day off. Cause my labor is more important than my freedom.”

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2. “After helping them on short notice many times, I finally learned that my day off is my day off.”


Via lilant702

3. “Felt sick so tested for Covid… The boss responds with this.”


Via Zestyclose_Ask_7912

4. “15-year-old kid so wiped from the workload (McDonald’s) that he just crashed and fell asleep on his 10-minute break (We don’t have a breakroom, so he slept in the stock cage). My boss’s first question? ‘Make sure he isn’t getting paid for that’.”


Via Bjork_Bjork

5. “The fire exit has been blocked like this for months and my boss threatened to fire me after he saw me taking this photo.”


Via loltyIer1

6. A quick mind change.


Via hopechyann

7. “Boss told me I have to come to work because they need me.”


Via Duckduck-Bro

8. So insensitive.


Via GamerGwen1337

9. How did this boss muster up the energy to even say such a thing?


Via lai_lette

10. “Boss fired me for taking approved vacation time, denied my unemployment, and three weeks later I get asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.”


Via breakyourfac

11. I would’ve called this person an AH had they not walked away.

Via Randry66

12. That was way too inappropriate.


Via SnooTangerines5364

13. An example of instant regret.

Via 42words

14. He was at his desk at 8:29 a.m.


Via KaiaKween

15. “I’m still in shock..”

Via ScooterBobb

16. “My store manager yells at me because I can barely afford to eat.”


Via LowerFreedom

17. “Fiance called in sick with diarrhea, her boss called 911 and told police she was on drugs, is this legal?”

Via BlueMANAHa

18. “I left my job shortly after receiving this prize for my good work.”


Via No-Satisfaction-749

19. “I just found Im the single lowest paid paramedic at my ambulance company, despite having the most experience by several years.”

Via ForkySpoony97

20. “I got fired for ‘telling the boss how to do his job’ when all I did was say ‘we can’t obstruct a fire escape'”


Via Sudden_Chard8860

21. Please be seated.

Via Appropriate-Train-57

22. “Shared by my boss, without a hint of irony, in our WhatsApp group.”


Via mementomorrisey

23. “Boss called me in early because he said the line needed to be cleaned up. He set up the line this morning. This is what he did.”

Via thelegendofsam

24. “My coworker had a dispute with the owner. This is how the owner replied on the group chat.”

Via Bobby_Sunday96

25. “My boss wouldn’t let me go turn off my headlights, even though you can see they’re on from the window.”

Via ItzSurgeBruh

Can we find an expert on bad bosses? Is that a thing? Because I really want to know what is the motivation for these people to do such things. You really have to have a very specific mindset to behave in such a manner. I do not like bad bosses and I hope I never meet one. And to those who have been through this, I can only say sorry and hope that they get to work under a better leader. These people don’t even deserve to get called leaders.

So infuriating some of these posts. Some big party must host an award show for these people and give them accolades for being the world’s most terrible bosses.

Let’s go through some more bad boss experiences as shared by employees. Scroll down to continue!

26. “My partner asked if they would be getting paid for a mandatory work meeting on their day off.”

Via Hot_Anywhere3522

27. “I didn’t bring lunch to work since my employer was providing pizza. Two slice limit on pizzas they cut into 16 slices.”


Via IndyMazzy

28. Someone stole the employee bonus envelope.

Via YouAreNotSugoi

29. “My boss told me to go and rewire an old electrical cabinet at this factory. He didn’t tell me everything around it was covered in sewage liquids.”


Via Barbune_Ice

30. “I make $15 an hour y’all.”

Via tylerjames1993

31. Not drinking Starbucks again.

Via iamgeorgimusic

32. “My boss screwed the only window at our office shut, so now it’s impossible to get fresh air.”


Via SloBearZ

33. “I lost my job of 3 years because of this.”

Via spr_t

34. “Stop stealin’ mah electricity!”

Via muttmutt2112

35. “Boss gave me cash and called it a bonus. Months later he took it out of my paycheck.”


Via eg_rif_ykkur_i_bita

36. “My boss actually wrote this on my last check.”

Via TopShelf_Bim

37. “My boss told me to at least try shoveling out and come in today. Saskatoon Sk, Canada.”

Via fiesel21

38. “My boss posted this job description on Facebook and then commented on this a week later. well, I wonder why no one applied.”


Via meowley

39. “I walked to work in a thunderstorm, but my boss forgot to tell me we all have today off.”

Via Radiskull97

40. “I told my boss I quit and he’s not going to pay me.”

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41. “These meals (1 per person) we get at my job for shifts up to 12 hours.”


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42. “Employer refuses workers from using the AC as a heat wave comes rushing in.”

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43. “This got posted by my boss right after they mandated mandatory 6-day, 11-hour work days.”

Via randomjay3113

44. The message was sent at 3 a.m. and corrected 6.5 hours later.



45. “My job involves walking for hours at a time. We also don’t get breaks at all, even for 12+ hour shifts.”


46. “I’m so done with this petty, asinine BS.”

Via doughnutsprinks_

47. “My boss called my doctor because I tested positive for Covid.”


Via Funny_Resolve9728

48. “Seriously? Treating employees like middle schoolers?”

Via the-friendly-squid

49. “I messaged my boss that there was a small leak, and he told me to put a bucket under it. A few hours later the ceiling tiles collapsed in the middle of my shift during a rush.”

Via slimecounty

50. “This is how my mom’s employer shipped her $2000 work laptop.”

Via Lithium321

The worst part is none of these bosses learn from the lessons they often get for being bad. They just keep getting worse and it really is alarming.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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