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Canadian Guy Takes A Petty Revenge And Humbles A Rude Grocery Store Karen

Enjoying a peaceful day with family and shopping for the necessities. Having a good time, everyone is happy, out of nowhere a Karen shows up and BAM! A perfectly good day is ruined. Some people can’t keep their big personalities to themselves, can they? Something similar happened with this adorable Canadian family who was enjoying their time doing some grocery with their six-month-old baby. An ignorant Karen tried to spoil their fun with her overly prevailing nature. However, it did not end there. The 6 ft.5′ Canadian guy (the husband) got back at her with his polite and kind nature. He completely destroyed the Karen with kindness.


We’re sure Karen would’ve been flabbergasted. As we know, the bark is worse than the bite. Let’s find out what really happened in detail, as told by the wife. Scroll down to read the whole story.

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“He’s just a peaceful giant. “

We love how adorable the description of the husband is. Such people are total gems. They have a very calming, positive and nurturing energy emitting from them. When in the company of a person like that, you naturally feel protected. And the way his appearance is described you definitely feel secure and maybe even a little intimidated.



Now, that’s a typical Karen. She didn’t even let him explain. Just rushed to his face and started commanding as he owes her. It’s interesting to see how such people don’t even realise what they’re doing and how bad they sound. There are people who are immensely sensitive to other’s behaviors. Things you and I say might stay in their heads forever. Not everyone gets back at such noisy and ill-mannered people. But the ones who do surely get the best of them just like this Canadian giant.

Oops! We didn’t see that coming.


The aggressive Karen wasn’t prepared for this one we suppose. To her bad luck, the shelves were too high. Maybe things would have turned out in her favor if all she did was ask politely instead of going absolutely nuts. You see, anger is not the solution to our problems. In fact, it is one of the root cause. We tend to screw up things the moment we lose control of ourselves. We don’t always have to fight in order to win. Sometimes, the bigger and most difficult matters are resolved just by negotiation and no one gets hurt. That is why they say, the most important skill to master is communication skill. If we invest more in improving our communication skills and anger management, half of our problems are solved and we win at life.

Kill em’ with kindness.


Ouch! That was rather embarrassing. But definitely a lesson learned. When you’re yelling profanities on the top of your lungs, you are only showing people who you really are rather than describing the other person who you are verbally abusing. We all know a very popular phrase, “actions speak louder than the words,” and It’s true. How you choose to react to a situation describes you. You meet a stranger and they do not know anything about you. How you speak to them and everyone around you will describe you as a good or a bad person in the eyes of that stranger. No one likes an overreacting, aggressive and a too-loud person.

Well, that was a great punch in the face for Karen, hope she learned her lesson. Have you ever had a similar encounter with a Karen? Do share the story with us. We love to hear from you!


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