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13 Pics Of Cats Being Hooligans And Making Their Owners’ Lives Difficult

Cats get out of control sometimes and there is nothing we can do to control them.

No doubt, cats are the nicest but they are also the little trouble makers who can give you a hard time. Cats are unexpected and love to experiment with every new thing they would see. They would be found behind the fridge, under the couch, in the planter or in your pillowcase. Every day is a new day for the cat owners. Although they keep making mistakes but that does not stop their humans from loving them. The face that our adorable cats make after making a mess is so damn cute that it melts our hearts and we forget everything and fall in love with them all over again. Here, we have 13 photos of hooligan cats who are out of the control of their humans. Scroll down to see what they are doing.


1. “I swear it fell by itself”

Via u/karmyou

Mom, I did not do anything, I swear.

2. “They were happy to see me come back, but I wasn’t too happy to see what they did”


Via u/saiyanjesus

Looks like they are ashamed of what they did.

3. Mom, I am innocent.


Via u/sparky614

4. “Our cat Timber hates eggs on the counter… Help me caption this!”


Via u/starchildanew

Yeah, I did it. What can you do about it?

5. We have a little chips thief.


Via u/Reader147

6. “Literally any freaking glass on the table ever – this one was done right in front of me”


Via u/echoorains

Done right in front of you and no shame in her eyes. Well, she was trying to drink water. You can keep water for her in hundred different places in the house but she would always go for the glass, spill the water and lick the water. That’s her way of drinking water and you can’t make her unlearn it by any means. From being the little chips thief to shredding the toilet papers or throwing the eggs from the countertop, these cats have proved to us they are uncontrollable and complete hooligans. Scroll down for more!

7. “This asshole stole my last piece of leftover turkey, and wouldn’t give it back.”


Via u/CastleBravo777

It’s gone mom, please stop asking about it again and again.

8. “She has taken to gently slapping me in the face for no reason”


Via u/Dodder1992

That’s her way of showing affection for her human.

9. “And this is why I avoid leaving or using open cups in my place. Also my other cat tipped this same cup of water over as I was making this post.”


Via u/hikingfortheviews

Never leave the tins or cups open. This is what they would do with them.

10. “My cat keeps thawing my food while I’m in class”


Via u/MARVELishh

The purrfect possible solution for this cat problem.

11. “On my way to sleep gettin pjs but”

Via u/Buttmitten1987

Don’t disturb the cat. Get yourself new PJs.

12. Now you know why your plants were dying?

Via u/motherofblackcats

13. What a talented, little kitty!

Via u/StcStasi

What kind of a cat do you have? A well-trained one or a complete hooligan? Comment down below to mention your favorite ones from our list.


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