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20 Times Someone Messed Up Cats’ Settings And Now They Need A Factory Reset

It’s not a hidden fact that cats are wired differently than all the other species on this planet. Cats are so unpredictable that even science can’t decipher their actions. Okay, we realize that may be a bit of a stretch but we are sure cat owners can relate! Our cats never fail to do something so out of the ordinary that it leaves us feeling astonished and bewildered. Though, they still manage to sway us away from their cuteness.

Besides, how could we ever resist such high levels of cuteness? This question may remain unanswered however something we know for sure is that we wouldn’t want it, or even like it, any other way. Cats manage to get away with basically anything and everything solely for that reason as well. But not before we get to capture the moment of them being extremely weird. It’s as if someone has messed around with their settings and they have officially forgotten how to cat. Whatsoever the case is, we are just happy to be witness to such atypical behavior.

Scroll down and check out some of the cats being extremely weird!

1. Its usually the cat taking over other animals’ space but I suppose there is a first time for eveything!

Via © acoya99 / Twitter

“My cat is lying on the ground after giving up its bed to a mouse.”

2. My brain is unable to accept that this cat is sitting like this.

Via © nakilon / reddit

Is this cat broken or something…?

3. Peek-a-boo!

Via © caroliner416 / reddit

Not sure how this scratch post is designed but the head is coming out of one end and then there’s a tail out the other…

4. Just here for a manicure, please!

Via © Jackadorian / imgur

“How my boyfriend’s mom’s cat sits”

5. How *bangs head* long *bangs* will *bangs* you *bangs* do *bangs* this *bangs* hooman *bangs*

Via © WeedScaper / reddit

“I was doing some work late at night and my cat did this.”

Honestly, this is exactly what I imagined this cat would be doing!

6. What? Why are you looking at me like this? This is completely normal!

Via © Kemal / Pikabu

“I am quite comfortable sitting this way. No need to worry!”

7. First you try to come into my little home and then you try to take pictures of me, human person?

Via © Processtour / reddit

What do I have to do to get some privacy in here?

8. Must you lock me out all the time?

Via © reticularformation / reddit

“She never meows for us to let her in. She just…. intensely stares at us until we do.”

9. Why do cats always find odd places to hide?

Via © Kikifomiki / reddit

“I couldn’t find my cat for an hour.”

10. Let’s play spot the cat.

Via © tinselpandora / reddit

10. One can always trust a cat to balance itself on a scratch post on a cushioned chair

Via © SophiedeKleijn / reddit

Well, we can definitely say these cats are weird. Not only are they doing odd things but are also aware of their very out-of-the-ordinary behavior. Hence, they know-it-all faces! If you think you have seen enough of these, you are mistaken! Don’t stop scrolling! There is much yet to see.

11. This cat knows who the snack is

Via © Lydxo / reddit

12. This will be the cutest picture you see today!

Via © Olisia777 / reddit

13. Don’t mind me, just drying myself.

Via © dontatmeimscared / reddit

“My cat is kinda weird sometimes.”

14. “You weren’t giving me any food, thought I’d make it myself”

Via © mushiemush13 / reddit

15. This cat is one of the pack.

Via © biketh1ef / reddit

16. It literally fits and it sits where it fits.

Via © UpwardsBeliever / reddit

17. Lots of tabby with a hint of ginger.

Via © Kattjavel / reddit

18. “Did you really just wake me up for a picture”

Via Instagram

19. This cat, learning the art of taking a selfie

Via Instagram

20. My hooman, my finger!

Via © unnaturalorder / reddit

Don’t take it away from me!

We’ve finally reached the end! Not only were these amusing but also helped us realize how much we adore our little weirdos! Do you have a cat that behaves weirdly at home? Do let us know and share their picture in the comments section below!


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