Woman Brilliantly Deals With Creeps Who Pretend To Buy Shoes Just To See Her Legs

Taking advantage of the innocent.

We live in a world where people would rather exploit your innocence than show you the right way. We thought that maybe by having advanced technology and more educated people, the world would find ways to elimintate toxicity from our society. Instead, it just found more subtle ways to harm others.

Where social media has changed our lives and made socialising and business easier, it has also given opportunists/predators the perfect platform to prey on their victims. Stalking and scamming people is one thing. These opportunists now target vulnerable people in such cunning ways that it becomes almost impossible to comprehend.

For instance, this woman selling high heels on marketplace would often get unusual requests from “potential customers” that would convince her into believing it’s part of her business. However, after noticing a smiliar pattern and taking advice from others she realised that most of these so called “buyers” had no interest in her shoe business, instead they just wanted to see pictures of her legs.

Scroll on below and see how she hilariously tackled this problem.

Oh wow! The heels actually look good.

The woman spoke to Bored Panda about where she got this brilliant idea. She said:

“I asked my boyfriend first, but he wasn’t keen and his feet are too big. My boy dog is so chilled, so I thought I’d see if he’d let me put the shoes on him. He did.”

“My dog is always happy to help. He wouldn’t stand there and let me take a quick snap if he didn’t want to. My other dog certainly wouldn’t let me, she’s less laid back and knows her own mind.”

Apparently, in the beginning she accepted these requests as she did not have experience.

“I first encountered guys messaging me for photos of me wearing the shoes I was selling when I used eBay. I did oblige in the beginning as I didn’t realize it wasn’t innocent, but as soon as I did send a photo of them being worn, the requests would get bolder, asking me to wear stockings, asking if the shoes smelled, etc.”

However, later she realised what they were actually after.

“I soon realized what was happening and stopped sending extra pics. When I started selling on Marketplace I got more messages. Always the same type of message, ‘They are wanting to buy them for a gift for their girlfriend,’ I mean, who buys second hand shoes for their girlfriend?”

“I would just say that I’m not kink-shaming, but if you don’t want to be involved in their kink, then don’t send the photos they request. Of course, there’s plenty of porn out there for this kind of thing, but there were some Redditors who commented who said they had foot and shoe fetish, they said that procuring images by stealth, from unsuspecting, everyday women was actually part of the thrill. So, if you’re cool with it, go ahead. If not, don’t send photos.”

Notice how people requested the same thing using different words.

I wonder how they look when they receive the pictures. It must be hilarious.

Here’s how the internet responded to the thead:

While this hilarious approach gets rid of the creeps, it’s no good for the business as she says “It shuts those sales down straight away. The guys never reply, funnily enough.” But it clearly helps in identifying actual customers so it’s definitely the right approach.

Have you ever encountered requests like these? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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