10+ Hilarious AF Pet Names People Overheard At The Vet

Who wouldn’t want to name their cat Kitty Purry?

Except maybe people who hate Katy Perry. But whatever you think of this pop singer, you gotta admit, we love to give our beloved pets weird names. After all, it’s not like they are gonna get bullied for the weird names as a kid would.

And the best place that you can hear all the most amazing pet names? At the vet of course! So that is why when one veterinary doctor shared how she loved weird pet names. Many joined in sharing what ‘unique’ names they had given their own pet.

So if you are in the mood for a good laugh or want inspiration for your new pet, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Twitter

It sounds like a great job indeed.

We’re starting out with a bang eh?

#1 Badger and Hedgehog.

#2 Belinda the chicken.

#3 Bill Murray.

#4 Definitely know which one stache is.

#5 Evil Jones.

#6 Gemma Pell.

#7 Peanut, Badder and Jelly.

#8 Jpeg.

#9 Kristy Davies.

#10 Lucy Fur.

#11 Luke Skywalker Jones.

#12 Mr Fox.

#13 Professor Moody.

#14 The legendary Kitty Purry.

#15 Queso.

#16 Repecka.

#17 Satan the dog.

#18 Schrodinger.

#19 Snuggle and Downy.

#20 Somebody to love.

#21 When you’re in the mood for pizza.

#22 Tator Tot.

#23 Tinkerbell Jenkins.

#24 Voldetort.

#25 Widget Von Doom.

#26 The sarcastic king Chandler Bing.

#27 Beef Shreddington.

#28 Ziggy Stardust Stevens.

#29 Life of Pi.

#30 Literally a ray of sunshine.

What have you named your pet? Comment down below and let us know.

2 Replies to “10+ Hilarious AF Pet Names People Overheard At The Vet”

  1. A friend’s kids wanted to name their cat Bob, so they did. She didn’t really think about it until the first time at the vet when they called for Bob Hope. LOL

  2. We have 3 black cats:
    Penny the Penther (aka Pen)
    Maleficent J Doomkitty (aka Mal)
    Shalim Kismet Absalom (aka SKA)

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