21 Cutest Pictures Of Doggos Living The Best Dog Life

You’ve just stumbled upon doggo treasure!

If you were feeling low or are trying to get through a difficult day, you’ve come to the right place. Dogs make everything better, don’t they? Of course, they do, they are walking furballs of sunshine. Their positive energy and vibes can easily be felt by anyone near them and their spirit can cheer anyone up. I don’t think a person can stay sad for too long if they have a dog around. Dogs are a part of our family and they give us unconditional love. They don’t care if we have a dark past, they don’t care about how much we earn, or what annoying habits we have, they just want to snuggle with us and be loved in return. You will fall in love with your doggo too because of their adorable and silly shenanigans. A dog’s love is one of the purest things you will experience in life.


The subscribers of the BuzzFeed Animals newsletter shared photos of their adorable fur babies, and we are living for it! If you need any cheering up, don’t worry now. We’ve got your back. Just the sight of these cuties will bring a smile across your face. You can thank us later. Scroll down below to see 21 cutest pictures of doggos living the best dog life:

1. Corgi is ready to play some ball!

Andrea Gross

2.  Doggo birthday celebrations > Human birthdays


Yasemin Erden

3. I wish I could be this happy in life.


4. Look at this cutie in a hat! Such a fashion diva.


Pat Wilson

5. His favourite sport is fetch. Yes, fetch is a sport.


Kristen Buccigrossi

6. This baby is more photogenic than most humans.


Holly Graves

7. Their smiles are contagious. Just look at this happy baby.


Erin Devlin

8. Safety first! What a good boy!


Sammy Stalter

9. Their mlems are to die for.


Jane Kyprianou

10. I can’t read but I will keep trying.


ChristieLyn Diller

Dogs are so precious, how could anyone not instantly fall in love with them? We should learn a lot of things from dogs. They are selfless, they love people unconditionally, they care about the little things in life and the simplest of things can make them happy. Maybe we should humble ourselves too and learn a thing or two from them. Perhaps we can be as happy as them one day. Scroll down below for more adorable doggos:

11. Getting ready for lunch at the table, behaving like a good boy.

Courtney Cohen

12. I would never stop taking selfies if I was even half as pretty as this baby.


Diana Silk

13. Personalities as bright as the colour of these dandelions.

Advertisement by UDM

Kylee Allen

14. A part of the family. Matching outfits!


Kathleen Bedell

15. Time to play with the Frisbee! No take. Only throw.

Kathleen Bedel

16. I would carry my pupper in a basket everywhere too.


Simon Yorinks

17. Nerdy boy looks great in glasses!

Paige St.John

18. Life is good when you can get anything you want by showing those puppy-dog eyes.


Kelly Romig

19. Inter-species friendships are the best.

ChristieLyn Diller

20. A confused doggo will always make you say “Aww” with its head tilt.


Carolyn Williams

21. Going on adventures with your best friend by your side is the greatest thing ever.

Jennifer L. Myers


Did these cheer you up even a little bit? Share your precious fur babies with us in the comments below!


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