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14 Dads Who Tried Their Best But Hilariously Failed At Parenting

Dads are too precious for this world.

Due to culture and traditions, dads don’t get a lot of say in how the house is run. They are usually just the breadwinners that provide for the family, and mothers take care of household matters. So, you can imagine how things turn out when fathers are expected to do the mother’s job.


They may seem smart to us at first, helping out with our homework and fixing items around the house, but they are clueless when it comes to taking care of babies. They hilariously fail at parenting but it is actually wholesome to watch. So, mums should take some time off just to observe how well the dad does when she’s not around. If you needed a laugh today, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 14 hilarious dad fails that will make your day:

1. Priorities.

2. When you send your child to school in underwear because it looked like shorts.

alizafriedlanderjmore / instagram

3. Wrinkled butts.


adriennekellogg / instagram

4. When your dad fails at making popcorn for the family


ob1obrien / instagram

5. I’m not lying at all.



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6. Packing lunch for the kids. That’s an apple, right?


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7. He was just doing what you said. You could’ve been clearer.


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My mum once went on a vacation and left me and my siblings alone with my dad for two weeks. As expected, it was a complete disaster. We tried our best to cook food without burning the house down but gave up in the end. Thank God for fast food.

8. Dad decided to swat a fly on his daughter’s phone. Here are the results.


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9. “Apparently I inherented my absent-mindedness legitimately….”


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10. Kids and their slangs.


Michael Rosen / Twitter

11. Where’s the trash bag?


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12. Crying over spilt milk.

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13. Making pancakes in the dark.


thevitaming / instagram

14.  Why would you put these two together in the first place?

the.teach / instagram

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