Tumblr Thread Explains Diversity Of Food In Different Cultures And It’s Accurate AF

What’s your favourite type of food?

Chinese? Thai? Or would you prefer a good old classic English breakfast today? There should be versatility in food, you should spice up things every once in a while. I’m from the Middle East so spicing up things is kind of normal for me.

This Tumblr thread explained recipes of dishes from different cultures and it’s hilariously accurate. Check them out below:

American recipes:

French and Italian recipes:

Indian recipes:

Irish recipes:

Polish recipes:

Ashki Jewish recipes:

Ukrainian recipes:

Chinese recipes:

Internet recipes:

English recipes:

Dutch recipes:

Welsh recipes:

Greek recipes:

Slovenian recipes:

Filipino recipes:

Australian recipes:

Latinx recipes:

Armenian recipes:

Canadian recipes:

Would you like to add any to the list? Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.









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