Guy Explains Italy’s Corona Virus Situation In 6 Stages & It’s An Eye-Opener

The Corona Virus isn’t stopping for anyone.

It is spreading like wildfire even with all the precautions people are taking. However, some people are still not taking it seriously. I see people still going out with their friends for drinks without realising how much danger they are in.

Twitter user Jason Yanowitz listed the stages his country, Italy, went through regarding the Coronavirus and it is an eye-opener for everyone. Read his thread down below:

To the rest of the world, you have no idea what’s coming.

Stage 1: It’s just a bad flu!

No need to freak out.

Stage 2: They declare a few red zones.

Old people dying.

Stage 3: Number of cases rapidly increasing.

Schools are closed.

Italy still living normally.

People still not taking it seriously.

Stage 4: National Health Emergency

Not enough doctors and nurses.

It is like being at war.

Not enough resources.

People dying due to lack of space.

The system is collapsing.

Stage 5: Entire country under quarantine.

Economy collapsing.

There is fear now.

Stage 6: You can only go out if you have certifications with you.

You will be fined for moving without certification.

Positive patients found outside can be jailed.

All this happened in just 2 weeks.

Please act in your best interest.

Ignoring it won’t solve anything.

Drastic actions were necessary.

China is getting better through these measures.

They are also providing aid to citizens.

Jason told BoredPanda that he is mad at the US government for not taking the disease seriously. That is why he wrote the thread, “Storytelling drives action, and this story hits hard.”

He is not so confident about the steps the US is taking to fight the virus. “Testing everyone is the only way to stop coronavirus. This means 300M+ tests per day, which requires a significant paradigm shift in how we’re currently doing it.”

Bored Panda also did an interview with Doctors in Italy, which is a group of English speaking doctors in Italy that communicate the situation with others. “Doctors and nurses are very mission-driven and this helps them stay focused in times of great stress,” a representative told them.

“They have, for once, tremendous recognition from all the general population, who usually love to criticize. Now that they are under such pressure, everyone realizes how much we all depend on their care and work,”  “They can nurture their hope and sense of mission, by focusing on the daily wins, even if small, and face this emergency one day at a time—though many have lost count of which day it is.”

The doctors try their best to calm down the Italians.

“When your own health is involved, or when worried about loved ones, very little reassurance can come from numbers. Percentages won’t help reassure anyone about their own chances.”

“On the other hand, even little gestures of human compassion and care can make a great difference. Many are worried that hospitals will be overcrowded and they won’t get enough attention, so letting them know that they are being considered helps a lot. Even simply saying that they care—and we know they do—goes a long way.”

He got a lot of support on the thread.

Some joked and had other opinions

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